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10 best android apps for women

There is nothing that you can do whether it is on your phone or it’s in real life, that doesn’t have an app that can assist you to do it better. Once you decide and look for any kind of app in any Play Store or App Store, you will be able to see that a lot of this apps are geared towards women.

Some say that there are so many of this because women are the ones that yearly spent more money in phone applications, so if this is true, it means that once you go to look for any app in particular you will find millions of other apps with the same characteristics, and this only ends up making the decision for you a little bit difficult.

Best Android apps for women

best android apps for women

We all know that in the end this apps whether they are geared towards us especially, are created with the purpose of making certain things easier, and to help us relax after an exhausting day of work, where you can simply listen to music, watch your favorite show, or simply give you a silly little game where you can just loose track of time for a couple of minutes.

Some of the apps that are made to women are very useful things like, apps for tracking your menstrual cycle, things for organizing yourself in your business, or even simple things like the Starbucks app. Because there are so many we will put on a list for you those apps that you need to know about, and that we think every woman should have on their Android devices.

Sleep Cycle

This is one of the best free android apps for women who need to find a way to sleep a little bit more, or those that simply hate the sound of the alarm clock. It’s an alarm clock that works by analyzing your sleep cycle and calculates the point where you are in the lightest sleep phase, so even if it’s still a rude awakening, it kind of softens the blow and since you woke up in this phase you will feel a little bit more refresh instead of groggy, and like that it makes you a little bit more productive.


This is a great app for those book lovers, it makes the reading experience a little bit more interactive, once you open an account you can select every book you want to read, see the reviews and mark your progress once you start reading it. And once you are done reading it, you rate it and review, you can even keep track of up coming books from your favorite authors.

The best part is that you can search for friends in this app by linking it with your social media accounts and you will find everyone you follow that has an account here. So like that you can start comparing your experiences with every book you two read. And even start the challenges and giveaways this platform makes every once in a while.


This app is like a virtual doctor, you will write down all the symptoms and problems you might be experiencing and then there will be some answers, tips from top doctors that are in this platform. One of the perks of the app is the fact that it’s completely free, but you have to remember that if the symptoms or the results that are given to you are too severe, you have to immediately go to a doctor to get that checked out since sadly not everything can be checked out online.


This is definitely one of the best free apps for women, after you’ve download it you’ll have to complete your profile with some information, like what kind of birth control pill you are taking and the day where your menstrual cycle usually starts and when it usually ends. It will send daily reminders for you to take your pill. And you can even type down all the symptoms you have so you can tell your doctor about it on your next visit.

Beautiful Me

This app will take a picture of you and it will immediately analyze it, you have to make a sure it’s a good picture because it will measure your skin tone and recommend some beauty products for you.