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The 6 best free TV android apps

This is a question a lot of people seem to be asking themselves, and most seem to find a lot of joy in the answer, almost every single TV network has an app that you can use on your Android device, this will give you access to some behind the scenes content and also be able to watch your favorite TV shows wherever you are thanks to this apps, with one simple tap you can caught up to everything that has happened in the show.

Why do these apps exist?

Even if this might seem hard to believe, people are starting to think about the fact that television as we know it might be dying. Even if this doesn’t seem to be possible, but this seem to be becoming a reality with platforms like Hulu and Netflix. And just like that people stop watching every week, because it will eventually be in Netflix or simply because they can just use these other platforms in their phones, and they pay less to do it.

So as a way to get ahead of the market they started creating these apps, as a way to get the attention of those people that what their viewership.

Best free TV android apps

best tv app for android free

Since we’ve already talked about the reason why these apps seem to be everywhere nowadays, now it’s the time to decide which one you think might be the best for you. This time we will concentrate only on those who are completely free, or those that have the option to upgrade but still let you continue using them even if you don’t have a subscription.

So below you will find a small list where we will talk about the 6 best free TV android apps:

  • ABC network app: This is the official app from the ABC network. The app has a lot of TV series that are available for you without even having to log in. The one thing you need to remember is that if you don’t want to log in, the newer episodes will take longer for you to see, and the same will go for the Live shows like Dancing with the Stars and any other show similar to it. But if what you want to see is and older episode or tv show you will have no trouble while watching it.
  • CBS: This is similar but some consider that the ABC is better. But something that people find it better than the latter is the fact that you will not only have access to older shows and episodes but you will immediately be able to see the newest episodes of their most popular shows without having to log in. But without the subscription you will get ands every few minutes.
  • The CW network app: this one seems to the one of the best free TV apps for Android devices, you don’t get any special features, if you have a subscription, so this means that whoever uses it has access to every show no matter how recent it is. It also looks amazing.
  • Crackle: this one works in a very similar way to Netflix since it’s not based on a single network, so you have a big collection of old and new TV shows, and movies that you can enjoy. One of the disadvantages is that you will get a random commercial in the middle of a movie.
  • Fox Now: This one is a little bit different since it doesn’t have a pretty big collection of TV shows since it’s concentrating on only recent content so you will not find any shows that have been cancelled or that are no longer on air. And you will not be able to see any Live show content, that is only reserved for users that log in or have a satellite subscription.
  • Crunchyroll: This one is the best free tv android apps for anime lovers, it’s the best way for anime lovers that don’t live in Japan to get access to your favorite shows. The big problem if you don’t want to pay you can still see the shows you like, but the newest will be locked for a while unless you have subscription.