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How will be the airplanes of the future?

It was not so long ago that the human being thought of the idea of ​​wanting to move from one continent to another in a faster way without spending months on a ship to travel from Latin America to Europe, or any other destination, that is why the great airplane that has helped in the transfer of people and has a very large compensation in time saving us a lot of time, going from hours to minutes or from weeks to days. But you are always looking to reinvent or modify things, so that airplanes are constantly being improved and who knows how to see them in the future.

What is an airplane?

This is a vehicle which can move in the air as if it were a bird, this thanks to the motors and the wings it has, it is held in the air despite being very big and heavy it is helped by the laws of aerodynamics. This is a passenger vehicle, the fastest known for now, and used to travel very long distances.

There are two types of aircraft, those of passengers and the military:
Airplanes as a vehicle for passengers, are the civilians who are responsible for transporting passengers or cargo, there are also sanitary type aircraft or those used to fight fires.
Military airplanes are those that in comparison with the first ones are designed exclusively for the armed forces, in them are the bombers, the fighter planes, each of them destined for transport or artillery.

Airplanes of the future


The man is always evolving both the same as the things he creates, so he always tends to overcome each of his creations, until today we can see created airplanes that look like movies, which we thought was impossible at first Now it is possible, and it is thanks to the technology and the ability that we human beings have, the airplanes of the future can be closer than we think, in the year 2050 we could be enjoying fantastic trips such as the last Airbus launch, airplanes that will have a completely transparent roof and who would not be excited to travel for several hours enjoying more than what can be seen in a window, and not only that but also at night enjoy the stars without any pollution and see them at their maximum splendor, these are one of the thousand wonders that are to come.

We think about the possibility of creating planes of the future that will use biodegradable fuel or only electricity, but this still needs about 30 years to be achieved, we still have to think about the technological developments that are needed to achieve that, we could also arrive to enjoy an experience in which, inside a plane, you can play with other passengers thanks to virtual reality, any kind of games like golf, football or who knows what else you can see.