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Amazon develops cameras to monitor houses

Today who does not know the famous US company dedicated to electronic commerce and different services in terms of cloud computing, whose headquarters is located in the city of Seattle, United States, this company has a very particular motto: What is “From A to Z” that if we translate it would be from A to Z, making clear reference to its huge catalog of services that can be provided, now imagine that this company that already offers a lot of added cameras to monitor houses , this would result in a new world of possibilities for them and that is what we will talk about next.


Blink is a giant in the field of technology which specializes in everything related to home security, that is, from systems to access homes to its main point surveillance cameras, which were adapted for homes, and now the Amazon company put their eyes on Blink and looking to be able to also be part of this world of home security will offer cameras to monitor houses.

Amazon and its cameras to monitor houses

Amazon did not take it lightly and to be able to take over the company Blink had to pay around 90 million dollars which would be equivalent to 72 million euros, said purchase was made in complete secrecy at the end of the year 2017 and it was thanks to the Reuters agency that this information could be accessed before the same Amazon made it public.

The main objective that Amazon has is clear and is the power to implement the use of low-power chips to improve the performance of their devices, something that Blink already specialized in the area and in turn to create technology for the development of their own cameras to monitor houses, if to this he added that Amazon was also in the development of a program for the distribution of advanced orders, which consisted of the delivery drivers could enter the homes of users and leave the purchases that these They did, the idea of ​​acquiring Blink to develop their own surveillance cameras makes more sense and is a business strategy with many possibilities, since being cameras developed by the same Amazon allowing the entry to one of its own employees through the Recognition by the cameras, people would be less reluctant to not let strangers into their homes.

This idea of ​​Amazon is a sample of the extent to which the genius of technology can reach a company in order to reach more sales sites than it already dominated, allowing it to extend their domains and at the same time provide a service that today is as sought after as is the complete security of the home for families.