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Be careful with these recent Ponzi schemes

To be able to fully understand what we will be discussing in this particular article, you need to know what is a Ponzi Scheme, and why you should be aware of any other possible investment that shows the same signs of the two recent Ponzi schemes that we will be focusing below.

This information is especially important now, since almost every day there is a new crypto currency looking to get more customer, so when you are aware of this danger in particular, you will be able to invest in a safer way than you would have done it before. The simplest way to put it a Ponzi Schemeis an investment scam that promises the new users that they will recover even more money than the one they invested immediately.

But what makes this a scam is the fact, that the company or the person behind this recent Ponzi schemes concentrate and rely on other users coming in daily so this way they will repay the original users, and once this money stops entering the scheme will fall apart, usually the company will close and whoever didn’t get her money back or simply didn’t get half of what they invested in back will be left without nothing else.

The reason why a lot of people feel that a lot of crypto currencies could be just a recent Ponzi schemes, is because of the anonymity of the internet, it makes them a little nervous. But not all of them are one of this schemes. Below we are going to talk about two of the most recent Ponzi schemes in this market and perhaps after hearing about them, you will notice the signs of this on others and know if you need to keep your distance.

Recent Ponzi Schemes

recent Ponzi schemes


This is one of the most recent Ponzi Schemes. It has been described as a Ponzi Scheme because of the way that this crypto currency was created and was being managed, and something that raised a lot of red flags for a lot of people in this market is the fact that a lot of the people in charge of these crypto currency have been involved in other recent Ponzi Schemes in other markets (and of course this didn’t win them any kind of affection with the public)

Another thing is that when you buy one of the tokens you won’t get only the tokens but also something they referred to as “educational packages” which of course affected the price. After it was publicly branded as a recent Ponzi scheme, users couldn’t trade it unless you used an specific web page,  and you could only trade it for euros and then it was gone, up until now there is no way to exchange the tokens and anything like that.


This one is clearly the most recent Ponzi scheme in this market, it finally shut its doors on January of this same year. This one had the attention of a lot of people in this market for all the wrong reasons. Since it started because of their sketchy deals and offers, make them think it was a recent Ponzi scheme, but somehow people still fell for this scheme.

So when the crypto currency market suffered a big fall early this year, this company in particular fell pretty hard.And when other platforms seemed to be getting back up, there was no sign of that from this one. It closed its doors and the Reddit page was not available to the public, and this left a lot of the users very confused. You should really watch out from something like this since it might be closed now but we don’t know if it will make a comeback.