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Best apps for iOS 5

This new software update was one of the most extremes since the days of iOS 2. This new upgrade added so many new features to this device to almost any iOS platform out there from your iPhone to iPods and iPads.

Even if this update many amazing changes in the platform we all know about, it’s still based on everything that came before it, so even when you are adding so many things, you are not losing much. You just get the ability to get some of the best apps for iOS 5 that we will show you a small list about this below.

New Features in the iOS 5

Whenever there comes a new software update iOS users know that this means a new set of features. This features, even when some people think they will not make a big difference are created to give you a more satisfying experience while using your phone, they are made with the sole purpose of making your experience faster and smoother. So here are all the features that were presented during the launch of the iOS 5:

  • During this launch, Siri was introduced for the first time
  • New apps like Reminders and Newstands were added to the built-in apps.
  • It also included features inside the already existing apps like iMessage, Reading List and others.
  • iCloud was added as a replacement for apps like MobileMe and iWork.com, like that giving the user the ability to set up, backup and restore all the documents that you put in there.
  • You also got a bigger storage space capacity, now everyone had 5GB of free storage in the Cloud and everything you have on things like iTunes, iBooks and App Store don’t take any of that space.

Best apps for iOS 5

best apps for iOS 5

Before we showed you some of the best features that were added during this software update, of course there were some more but we chose to show you some of the most important changes made during that.

But something that we iOS users know for sure, is that these features are not the only thing to be excited for, with this new upgrade there will come a new batch of apps that want to become in some of the best apps for iOS 5, and below we will show you a small list of some of the apps that were introduced here:

  • iQuick Tweet: This upgrade meant a twitter integration for the users. This app works as a way for you to reply a tweet very quickly, and also to be able to tweet wherever you are very quickly. The fact that it was added was the way they had to keep up with trends, and the smooth way it works is the reason why this is one of the best apps for iOS 5.
  • Foursquare: This app now includes the new Radar feature, this feature will send you a notification whenever one your friends is near and doing something, and it will point you there. This app might seem great for you, or something a little bit terrifying it depends on who you use this app for.
  • Instapaper: This is a built-in dictionary that will make it easy for you to find the meaning of the words you don’t know, and like that you’ll be able to just stop, look for it and keep reading as much as you want. It also gives you the ability to adjust the brightness of the screen, so like that your eyes won’t bother you if you read for a very long time.
  • Newstand: If you are one of those people that have millions of subscriptions for online magazines and papers, this is gonna be one of the best apps for iOS 5 you will find. This really just works kind of like a folder, where you can put every single new issue that updates and you can organize them the way you want to, and like that you won’t have to look through all your other apps to find your new issues.
  • Addenda Jailbreak apps: This apps are not something new for IOS users but with the new iOS 5 you will get some more updates from this to keep them compatible with your device and do what they do best, keep your browser locked on.

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