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The best apps for limited screen time in iOS

If iOS was created for Apple devices, most of iOS apps were also designed for Apple devices, Android phones, desktop computers, and so on. IOS offers you many interesting apps with a wide range of features you can choose from. In the current article, I am going to describe some of the best apps for limited screen time in iOS.

As parents we have all made the choice, at least one time, to grant our children the chance to use their phones, or tablets, anything to keep them entertained while we were busy or they simply needed something to do and you couldn’t provide that much entertainment.

After doing this a couple of times we might notice that it can become a little difficult to keep them away from it. So a wonderful way to make sure that they don’t sit too long and numb their little brains for too long, but still give them this entertainment they love, is to get an app for limited scree time in whatever device you are using.

So thanks to the apps that we are going to show you next, you can let them have fun for however long you think its okay for them, and with one of these apps you will be able to know when the time comes for them to let go of the apps, you can use it as a way for your kids to appreciate the time that they get to use these games, and they also learn to see the time they get as a reward, so they know that maybe you can just use them to give them extra time if they are good, and less time if they misbehaved.

Some of them give you some extra features, like making sure it filters all the pages and anything they say. So this way you can leave them alone without worrying about what they might see.

The best apps for limited screen time in iOS

best apps for limited screen time in iOS

Net Nanny

The Net Nanny app can be defined as a parental control program, which was made available for IOS, Android, and desktop devices. This incredible service provides you with many time limit features for parents. Apart from this, it also offers features like filtering out inappropriate content for kids. Every year, you have to pay an amount based on the number of your devices. Undoubtedly one of the best apps for limited screen time in iOS


The OurPact app is very similar to the previous one. The only bad thing is that it is just available for on cell phones. It allows you to control screen time and set restrictions on apps and texts. Apart from this, the OurPact app offers 3 packages, but only the premium one includes the time limit feature. So if you want to enjoy this feature, you have to pay for it.


This incredible app is available for IOS and Android. It is very similar to the previous apps and offers the same features. It can also monitor the time on screen and when this time is over the limits, you will be noticed. Apart from this, you are allowed to set downtime in order not to have internet connection. The BreakFree app is also a good tool for parental control.


The unGlue app is one of the newest apps for limited screen time in iOS. However, it includes very similar features as those apps mentioned before. The best thing about this app is you are not required to download the app on each device, so you are allowed to set customized time limit for each kid´s device. Apart from this, it is completely available for IOS and Android.


This awesome IOS app measures how long you and your family use your devices each day. Additionally, you are allowed to set screen time limits for everyone in your household. If you are also interested in setting a screen free time, you can do it without any problem.

Dinner Mode

This awesome app is just available for IOS. With the use of the Dinner Mode app, you are allowed to set the device off and you do not have to worry about anything. Apart from this, you can set the time for anytime every single day.