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Best apps for Windows 7 tablet free

As you probably know, Windows 7 is one of the latest versions of this world-famous brand. For this reason, there are many apps available for it. In the present article, I am going to describe some of the best apps for Windows 7 tablet free, If you have a tablet and want to download a lot of apps on it, read this article until the end.

Best apps for Windows 7 tablet


This incredible Windows 7 app allows you to handwrite your personal notes and draw diagrams. It perfectly works with an active pen, but you will get better results on a capacitive screen with high quality good resolution. Apart from this, it provides you with some features like recording audio that is time-synced to your previous notes and also clipping information from websites. Take into account that you can sync this information to another PC without any problem.


This awesome app includes a wide range of incredible pictures and this version of Flickr is excellent to explore them. In addition, you can also show your own pictures to other users. If you are interested in swiping through recent activity like pictures or seeing your friends´ photos, this service is the best choice for you. It is one of the best apps for Windows 7 tablet free. With the use of this program, you are allowed to see photos near where you are if you need inspiration. If you want to swipe and tap, this is the best option for you, my friend.


ArtRage can be defined as an original tablet PC natural painting application due to its impressive characteristics and features. If you are looking for beautiful oils and watercolors to stickers and glitter, this Windows 7 app is an excellent option for you. With the use of this app, you can use a stylus with fine detail or paint with your hands using a picture or image to trace from.


This version of Kindle perfectly works on small tablets where what you are seeing looks like a book. With the use of this awesome program, you are allowed to download books in a very fast way and open where you were last reading. Of course, you can also flick across the screen when you want to turn the page.


Due to its minimal user interface, this Windows 7 application is very similar to Google Chrome. This kind of interface is very finger friendly. You have to keep in mind that dialog box is awkward, but you are allowed to do most what you need from the Settings menu or the address bar icons. Additionally, finger panning works well on most websites you visit.

WCS Touch Browser

The WCS Touch Browser app includes smooth pinch-zoom, but it is very basic in general terms. It provides you with some features such as several touch controls and fingersand handy options.  Apart from this, it is incredibly easy and simple to use.

Pen Commander

The Pen commander app is considered as one of the best apps for Windows 7 tablet free.  This amazing service allows you to type words into a easy to use panel. It also let you launch other apps, open files, insert text, copy, and so on. Apart from this, you are completely allowed to design your own scripts and run combinations via gestures. If you are a creative person, take into account that there is no a best app to create things.

StNotepad Touch.

StNotepad Touch provides you with an incredible user interface that makes your experience amazing. In addition to this, it offers you an awesome text editor with the main goal of editing in the fastest way possible. Apart from this, you has the ability to learn all the gestures to make your experience better.