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Best apps for windows phone

Here I will show you the 5 best apps for windows phone. First we must know that Windows Phone is a new phone device created by Mircrosoft with a Metro-derived interface, what this means is that it looks and works in a very similar as a Windows computer, and you can use the Windows Phone market and there you will find some of the most used apps for music, videos and even games in there.

This phone might have been created as a way to compete with other big companies like Apple and Android in the market, and it has the same kind of operating system of the current Windows computer, and with every new software update that comes out you will have to replace your Windows Phone for one with the new version.

Features the Windows Phone includes

  • The browsers has the Bing search engine instead of Google, or Yahoo.
  • Besides the Bing search engine, this device gives you use to Internet Explorer.
  • This device introduces a virtual assistant, named Cortana, like Siri on the iPhone.
  • Another plus is the integration of services like Office 365, SharePoint and Skype.
  • The built-in email service is
  • It also comes with a software especially designed for voice recognition.

Best Apps for Windows Phone

best apps for windows

Below we will show you a simple list of some of the apps that are considered the best apps for windows phone:

  • Adobe Reader: This is an especially useful app for those that need to read PDF files regularly. It allows you send, read, edit and even convert these kind of files. You can even view these files from the email where they were sent from, and read those that are password-protected for security purposes. And if you don’t use it for work it’s also a very good way for those users that just love to read and have a million of these kind of files, so you can make little notes about the book in them, so if you share the book with someone else they can know what you thought about them while you were reading it. You can also download it for free.
  • Adobe Photoshop Express: This is also one of the best apps you will be able to find for photo editing in this kind of device. It comes with all the photography features that every beginner must know how to use to make sure all their photos are Instagram worthy. It has a very easy to use interface, and a pretty nice set of filters you can put your photos through after taking the pictures, to remove and king of imperfection you might find in them, thanks to that the beginners will have no problem learning how to use it, and another thing that stands out is the fact that it’s completely free.
  • 1Password Beta: This is another free app. This app has the goal of protecting all the passwords from the accounts you have used in this device. It’s kind of like a directory for every single password you wish to keep there, and they are all of course encrypted to make sure that even if someone got access to them will not know what to do with them. It also offers a very quick search and performance and revised UI.
  • CalendarPro Free: This is another app that you will be able to find for free. It accomplishes the same goals than most of the other calendar apps in the market, but what makes it one of the best apps for windows phone is the fact that it has a deep integration with your Windows Live account. It also has a smart, and very easy to use interface. It’s incredibly nice to look at, and when all of this things combine, it makes it the best app for those who need to use a calendar app regularly.
  • Call Recorder: This app gives you the ability to record certain parts, or even entire phone conversations in case it’s something very important. After recording them you can simply play them back on your phone or save them in OneDrive to keep them save. You can even use password protectionfor certain files of this that you choose to save in there. Another plus is the fact that it’s completely free.