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The best apps to get new cryptocurrency news

When you decide to enter this new world of cryptocurrencies, you will find yourself in need of certain things that will make your time in this marketa little easier. Of course you will always have to be informed with the new cryptocurrency news, and any kind of breaking news in regards to this market.

So this is why the apps that we will show you below were created for, most of them will give you access to the news about this market, and the addition of new crypto currencies as soon as it happens. And they are also incredibly useful since they will help you keep track of your own investments, and you can do all that, from you usual PC to the palm of your hand thanks to the fact that in most of these there is a phone version.

So if you’re new to this world, and want to know more about it, or simply want to reach this important news as soon as they happen, you can do that with the help of these apps:

Best apps to get new cryptocurrency news

new cryptocurrency news


This one in particular, is the one that most people that have been in this world before will recommend you, it has both a web page, but you can also download an app version for your phone, so this way you will know about all the new crypto currencies no matter where you are, and what you are doing.

It also comes with graphs, calculators, and many other things like that. And something that makes it incredibly better to use is the fact that you will get price notifications and price charts whenever there is a change. Sadly at the moment this last features is only available to Bitcoin and Ethereum users. But we expect some new crypto currencies addition.


This app in particular will be perfect for Ethereum owners and users. It’s focused only on these crypto currency and nothing else. You will be able to check the prices of the coin via charts and other sources. And there is a blog page where you can see all the news regarding this coin straight from the developers, so thanks to that you know that you are not missing out on anything.

It will not only show you all the things regarding the price for Ether, and things that like that. You will get information about anything that you might be feeling confused about this new crypto currency. All from the price to the history of this coin, and you can know all of this with a simple download of this app.


This one is very similar to Coin Desk in the fact that, both of them have an already existing and functioning web page. But if you have used this page before, you might be wishing to be able to get all this information, no matter where you are. And thanks to the new app for this page you can do that.

You will get all the news regarding all new crypto currencies. Something that people find amazing is the fact that this page doesn’t focus their attention, only on the news and price charts for the top crypto coins like others do. Of course you might get more news about Bitcoin and Ethereum, but you will also be able to see news and anything related to other alternative coins that perhaps you hadn’t heard about before.

You will be able to sort all the news articles by what you deem more important, that being latest or the hottest categories. And after reading them you can shared them to everyone in any social media so you can inform others about these news.