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What are the best brain game apps for iPad?

These kind of apps are the ones you can download to play whenever you have time, or you can give them to your little kids so they can distract themselves. But there is more to these apps than just help you entertain yourself when you have nothing to do, they are a way for you to make you think and find more creative, or innovative ways to solve certain problems. In this post I show you some of the best brain game apps for iPad.

You can see them as a way to exercise your brain, the same way that you exercise your body.

Best brain game apps for iPad

Since there are so many game apps you can choose from we are going to make it easier for you to make the choice, to see which ones you like the most, from ones that focus on things like making your memory better to the ones that make you think about finding ways to resolve new puzzles and problems like that, where you have to reason whatever decision you make, or that makes you be able to respond quickly.



This one in particular tries to test your long-time memory. It will even send you notification whenever it’s time for your next test. And it will do this by helping you remember things like phone numbers, interesting facts, or just one simple word, but what makes it different than other brain training apps is that it looks to make a connection to your mind by using things that have meaning to you, so this way you will have more motivation to remember it. It’s available for your iPad and your iPhone.



This is one of the most popular apps in this genre and one of the best brain game apps for iPad. It focuses on things like problem solving, memory, and how much attention you take, and counts the amount of time that it takes you to finish all the tasks you are supposed to do, and you won’t ever have to repeat them since every single one is completely unique, and it will keep track of your goals and compare it with other users.

You can get a free version but you can get an upgrade by paying $15 dollars a month for it.



There is a free version for this game, but you can get more features and levels by getting a subscription for around $5.99 a month. This is the one on the list that feels more like a game than the others do, since it comes with a  real story, you have to complete certain missions and other things like that. But at the end the base of this game is kind of the same than in most of the apps like this one, which is to test your memory, and forces you to think in a more logical way with simple problems, tests and word games.

And it will keep track of your goals and improve your scores after some time, so you can see how much you have improved by simply using this for a certain amount of time.

Fit Brains Trainer:

Fit Brains Trainer

This platform is one of the newest ones you will find, but it’s definitely becoming one of the best brain game apps for iPad. You can download it on your iPad but you can also have it on your phone so you can test yourself anywhere you are. It comes with so many different games, and they all have the same goal: to test your memory, concentration, and even your skills with other languages. And it even has some games that other apps like this don’t have since it will also test your emotional intelligence.



This platform comes with different mini-games that you can test yourself with. It will test things like your memory, focus, math skills and other mental skills like how much you comprehend certain things. The app encourages to use it every single day, this way you will create a ‘streak’, and the longer you keep this, the levels will keep growing in difficulty.

There is a free version that you can use initially, but if you want to be able to unlock new levels and even more games that are not included in this one, you can pay for the subscription, it’s just $5.99 a month so if you like it after using the free version you will find that it’s worth it to pay that money.