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The best calendar app for windows, Mac and iOS

This software update was first launched and introduced to the public back in July of 2015, and every Windows user knew what this meant. With every new software update there comes some change, the thing we wanted to know was how much.

Some said after they had time to buy it and check it out, to try out every little new feature and make sure they know how they worked, that at first sight and used it was already better than the previous versions. And what they all talk about is the new features that this update includes, and below we will talk about every little thing that has been added to this platform.

Features from the new Windows 10

  • During the run of Windows 8, they had gotten rid of the Start Menu, and that decision didn’t go really well with the public, they seem to have fixed that mistake by bringing it back during this update.
  • The new personal assistant Cortana has been added to your computer. You can ask it simple question and it will do a quick web search and tell you the answers (the same way Siri does for Mac)
  • It has replaced Internet Explorer with Microsoft Edge. It might be a little simpler than other browsers, it’s a great alternative for those that don’t like Internet Explorer.
  • It now has a Central Notification center, now you can just click a simple icon to check out whatever important notification from every single app that it’s in your computer.
  • You can open multiple desktops. This is especially useful for those who use their computer for work and need to constantly be changing between certain apps and pages and things like that, and it makes it easier to do it without having to open a million tabs in the page or open all the apps in one single place because that will only end up slowing down whatever it is that you are doing.

Best calendar app for iPhone and Mac

One of the most important things on everyone’s phone and computer is a calendar app, and there are so many that you can choose from, and you might feel a little bit confused about which one is the best. So what we will do is show you a simple list that you can use in both your Mac and your iPhone and like this you will be able to choose which one is the best for you.

  • Google Calendar: This app is amazing for iPhone users, it will present you your daily schedule. It’s a very easy to use in your phone but it also has an amazing interface for those who want to use it on your computer. It will send you alerts and notifications whenever something important is coming.
  • Fantastical 2: Again you can use this app in both your Mac and your iPhone. You can customize it the way you want it and it will show you all of your upcoming events and it uses a natural language so it’s very easy to understand. But it has a downfall in the design since some people might find it a little difficult to read from your phone, but you will not have this problem on your PC, so if you are just looking for a calendar app for your computer this is the best for you.
  • Hope Calendar: This is another app that it’s available for both mobile and PC devices. You can simply integrate your calendars from third party apps in this platform. It has a beautiful and clean look, and it’s incredibly easy to use. There is a map that can show whenever you are free. There is a free version but you can upgrade it by paying $2.99.
  • My Calendar: This is one of the best calendar app for iPhone and Mac. It has some of the most useful features that has been previously mention in the list. You can pay for an upgrade but if you don’t want to spend a couple of dollars you can still use the free version, you just won’t have access a small number of features. One feature that you will still be able to use even if you don’t pay is the ability to switch the calendar views whenever you like.