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Best camera apps for iOS free

If you are a creative person and have an apple device then this article will interest you, here I will inform you of the best camera apps for iOS. You never know when you will get into the mood of creating something, so thanks to the facts that know almost every single phone comes with a camera in them. So this camera might be enough for some people, but thanks to the amazing apps that you can find, you can turn a simple day into an impromptu photoshoot.

There are so many apps with so many different features that you can turn your simple camera phone into a professional camera that will give you beautiful photos that look completely professional.

And for those who are taking photography as a hobby, you can use these apps to practice without having to buy an expensive camera, or any other object that at the end can cost you a lot of money, and then if you decide to put more effort into this, you can buy them once you feel ready. This way you’ll be able to practice with either a free app or a very cheap one and if you decide to quit it later on, you won’t regret as much as much as you had if you buy the camera.

Best camera apps for iOS

Even if the iPhone has one of the best cameras in mobile phones, some think it’s a little bit too simple, since it gives the users limited controls and their simple interface. But thankfully for those people, the App Store is the home of some of the best camera apps for iOS that you can find out there.

But since it exists such a big library of options you can choose from, it might be a little bit difficult to choose which ones to download. And the only way you can make this decision is if you know what comes with every single one of this apps, what attracts you to one might be different to what it’s popular.

Some love the fact that certain apps are more simple, with a smaller selection of features and filters and anything else you can think about. But some people love the complete opposite of that, they want everything that an app can offer you. So we will show you a selection of some of the best camera apps for iOS7, and explain you which advantages these apps will give and then you can make the decision for yourself:


This is camera app and image editor for your phone. You can download it for free. The best thing about it is that you can control the exposure and camera’s shutter and other things. And after you’ve taken the picture you can crop them, rotate them, and adjust anything you want in it.


Even though this app was originally created for Moment lenses, you can use it and take advantage the accessories that this app includes if you don’t have those lenses. It has manual controls, so you can adjust focus and light using gestures.

YouCam Perfect:

What sets this app apart is the fact that this app focuses on the front-facing camera. It’s a way to make your selfies look even better, it comes with a lot of filters you can choose from. And it comes with a feature that lets you take a selfie with a simple wave of your hand, so this way you don’t have to use a timer.


This app is great for those who love a more minimalistic app. It also has a very interactive twist since you can not only use to take pictures but you can also use it to share the pictures you’ve taken, and you can also see the pictures of other users around the world, and maybe get a little inspiration from these pictures. It includes a lot more features in the paid version, but you don’t have to pay anything if you don’t want to, you will still be able to use without any kind of trouble.


This app includes an incredible amount of manual controls, the usual filters, and live editing effects. It has a smart and beautiful interfacethat it’s very easy to use. Like many other apps on this list it allows you to adjust exposure, white balance and many other things.