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What is the best compass apps for Android?

Each Android app has many uses. These incredible software programs have become indispensable companions in your daily lives. With the use of these apps, you can do a lot of things like reading, listening to music, planning a trip, travelling, working, cooking, looking after your health, taking photos, editing your pictures, sending messages, receiving messages, making video calls, sharing any kind of material, and so on. In the present article, I am going to describe some of the best compass apps for Android devices.

Hopefully this has never happened to you, but have you ever thought what you would do if you happen to get lost in some place you have never been, and don’t know how to get back. Nobody ever carries a compass when you really need it, unless you are in the Scouts, and if we are all adults, at this point we might not remember what to do.

best compass apps for android

So what this app has as a goal is to let you be prepared in case you find yourself in that situation, so this way you will be able to get access to a functioning compass with just one click of a button. So you can be the savior if you ever get lost with your friends and nobody knows what to do. You’ll just have to tap once in your phone and you’ll be able to find a way out of there, to go back where you came from.

And you can even download one of this if you simply love camping and being outside, it will be just as a precaution.


Even if this surprises you, you will be able to find a lot of this app, especially for Android devices. So we will make this decision easier for you by just simply narrowing down that search. We will create a list of the most popular, top rated, compass apps that are out in the market. So this way your choice will be easier since you’ll be able to see what makes every single one of them different from the other, what makes them stand out.

The best compass apps for Android

Compass 360 Pro

compass 360 pro

If you get lost in an unknown place and are required to rely on a guide, the Compass 360 app is the best choice for you. It is considered as one the best compass apps for Android due to its higher degree of correctional accuracy. Apart from this, you are allowed to lock your coordinates and display magnetic field. It also allows you to select many skins and make the best use of the built-in GPS. In addition, it can work without internet connection.

Compass Pro

compass pro

The Compass Pro app is considered as the best compass app for avid adventurers. It provides you with many features like embodying a rotating bezel and displaying you all four directions of compass points. Additionally, if you are interested in displaying your current positioning degree to the dot, look for a small tab at the top of your device’s screen. The paid version just costs $2.50 and offers you more interesting features.

Accurate Compass

Accurate Compass

This compass app offers you an incredible 3D view like a standard physical compass, which is easy-to use. Apart from this, you are not required to hold your mobile device on a flat surface like other compass apps. Even if you do not hold your cell phone parallel to the ground, the 3D view perfectly works. Take into consideration that it uses magnetometer for accuracy, that is to say, keep your mobile phone away from all electronic device in order to avoid any problem.

3D Compass Plus

3D Compass Plus

The 3D Compass Plus app is the best choice for those people who sometimes get lost in the concrete jungles. To stop this happening, this amazing compass app will help you. It offers you many incredible tools such as augmented reality view that can so entertaining for users. It also uses a map and a powerful camera for directions. Additionally, you are allowed to record and take some notes, if this is the first time you are visiting a place. If you are driving, the compass app shows you the map, direction, and time on your mobile device.