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Best DJ app for iOS free

These DJ apps have started to become more and more popular in the recent years, they started as a way for people to lose time and listen to some music, to a way for people to really show off their creativity, and it also got rid of the inconveniences that they had before and like this it makes the way you use them very easy and even more enjoyable and fun to do it.

This apps are a way for you to not only show your creativity, but you can create something new that you can be proud of and then you can show them to your friends, and listen to them in party so everyone can enjoy it, and simply dance to it. And you can even use this apps if what you want is to become a professional DJ, as a way to practice before buying any kind of expensive devices for them, and if you decide to do that in the end, you will have even more knowledge about this devices by the time you have them.

Best DJ app for iOS

best dJ app for ios

But since these apps started getting traction in the music world, there have beenmore and more being launched every single day. So with this big library of different platforms you can choose from it might be a little difficult for you to decide which one is the best DJ app for iOS.

So what we will be doing today is show you a list of the apps that are considered the best DJ apps for iOS. We will list everything that you need to know about them so you can be able to make this choice. All of the apps that will be mentioned in this list are available in the App Store, and most of them are either completely free or you can still use them without having to buy the premium version. So the list will start below.

edjing Mix:

This apps helps you create so many remixes in very easy way and simple way. The best part is that you can do this from your phone. It’s also available for use on your iPad. If you are willing to pay a couple of dollars for a premium account you can use it to access your SoundCloud and iTunes account where you can start mixing the songs you have there.

DJ Mix Pads 2

This app is completely free. This app helps you create millions of remixes from your phone with the thousands of professional sound effects that can improve the quality of the remixes you make in here. The app also comes with different sounds and beats that can be very helpful at the moment of creating more music. And you can also add custom made sounds so your music will stand out.

Cross DJ

This app comes with all the features that are necessary to be the best DJ app for iOS free. It comes with things like a mixer with EQs and two decks on the side. You can also use the songs that you have on your SoundCloud account to create the remixes and new versions of the songs that you want. The interface is also very simple so because of that it’s very easy to use.

And even if this app is something very simple, and doesn’t include as many features as others do. The fact that it’s so simple to use it makes it a very competent app that beginners will find amazing since this offers an easy way to get a hand on how your kind of music you like to make.

djay Free

This is one of the best DJ apps for iOS. It’s completely freelike the name suggest. The way this app works is by turning your iPad into a DJ set up. You are able to use at least twenty five tracks from your personal library. It includes amazing features like beat matching and automatic tempo, and looping, all of this make it possible for you to create high quality remixes.

It’s also compatible with the most usual audio formats like .mp3, .aac, .wav and .aiff. And all the amazing features this includes give it a more professional feel and look to the app.