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Some of the best email apps for iOS 2018

Here I will show you some of the best email apps for iOS 2018. Those long time Apple device users know that these phones come with a built-in mail service, but there was something about it that didn’t really click with people. For some reason the users never thought it was better than the other apps like Outlook or Gmail, and to the bother of a lot of people it’s nearly impossible to remove it from your phone, and at the start you couldn’t even download and alternative version but right now, this has changed.

Why use Email apps for iOS?

Having this apps on your phone is something almost everyone in the world should have in their phone. It’s important to have this apps with you because this way, if you have an important email about your business that you need to make sure you see them on time.

You should also have these even if it’s not for work, as a way to stay in contact with your family and friends if you live far away from them, it’s also a great way to simply talk with the people you care about, and send pictures of important events in safe way. So if you take a moment to research which one is the best email app for iOS, and which one works better for you?

Best Email apps for iOS

best email apps for iOS

Right now it’s a little bit difficult to choose which one you could download, because since the moment it’s been made available for users to download an app that doesn’t immediately come with your iOS device. So we’ve decided to make a simple list of 7 of the best email apps for iOS. So hopefully after reading the advantages all of this have, and choose whichever works for you better.


This app gives you the ability into to do items and add important emails into calendar events. You can create a schedule so certain emails will be sent at a specific time. And if you sent someone you immediately regret sending you’ll have a couple of seconds to undo the send and recover that email and the other person will never see it unless you want them to.

Yahoo! Mail:

This app is not only for those users with yahoo account, if you have a Gmail account or an outlook account you’ll still be able to use this app. This is considered one of the best email apps for iOS, especially with the speed it has to send images and videos. You can put a little star in the important emails and even highlight them.


One of the things that make this one of the best email apps for iOS is the fact that it doesn’t get in the way. It’s constantly working the way that it’s supposed to do it without bothering you with unnecessary, you’ll barely notice that it’s in there unless you really need to know.

iOS Mail:

The reason why this is one of the best email apps for iOS is because, this app was created specifically for these devices. It’s a very simple but very effective app. You can choose the VIP senders and file their emails to certain folders in a very fast way. It also has a nice interface that runs smoothly and it’s very pleasant to the eye.

Outlook for IOS:

This is obviously one of the best known apps. It works in a very fast what. You can search anything you want, and you’ll get very fast results. The inbox shows you the most important emails first and then you can even postpone those that are not really important with one simple swipe. It also includes a calendar in the phone version and it works in the same way that it does in the desktop version.


One of the most recognizable feature in this app is the signature, it’s very easy to define your personal signature and you can make it look amazing. But this is not the only thing that makes Spark one of the best email apps for iOS. The inbox is already separated into certain groups from newsletters, to the important emails so you know which one to read first.


In a way it works like Tinder, since you can swipe left to deleteand swipe right to keep the emails. And you can even snooze those that you don’t really care about and it will be archived, so you can check them whenever you want to.