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Best Hotel App for iPhone

Everyone that it’s a constant flyer, or simply needs to find a good place to stay during a holiday, they need one of this apps, because they will not only find the best hotel you can also look for deals, even discounts so you know exactly if you are spending way too much money or not.

These have been created so you know that you will find the best places and deals, and this way you can simply relax when you are on vacation, which is something that you should have been doing already, without worrying about the money, or reservations on your way there. You can use the apps to make your hotel reservations with a few simple taps to your screen

You can also see the reviews other users have left, to see if their experience matches the good rating it has. And after visiting you can leave a review and rating of your own, so that way you know that you are helping someone else have a great time, the same way that you did when you were there. But what you might be asking yourself is, what is the best hotel app for iPhone?

Best hotel app for iPhone

That question is a little hard to answer, since the tastes of everyone are different, maybe they like the ones that only show you the hotel and make the reservations, or they want the ones that shows them only the least expensive one. So what we are going to do today is show you some of the apps are considered best so like this you can find which one is the best hotel app for iPhone in your eyes.


This one is completely free and you can download it in your iPhone and iPad. And you can also use it to find reviews of the hotels, restaurants, and even parks of the zone you decided to choose. So this is very helpful if you are in a city you have never visited before. The apps will be sorted out depending on how far you are from them and how much they cost.

This will not only show you the places you can make reservations from there, since it’s the app is linked to other platforms like hotels.com, PriceLine and other similar platforms.


This one is also completely free. And even if there is a web page, the app has more function than the original web version. After you’ve chosen the hotel, all you have to do with this app is book it. You need to create an account for this (don’t worry it’s still free) and you will be able to find deals that perhaps wouldn’t have been available to you before.

You can mark certain hotels as your favorites so whenever you have to travel it will try to find another one of these or something a little bit similar, or you can book the same for when you are in that city again.


This is the best for whenever you decide to travel to another country. The apps has a feature that it’s perfect for this since it adjust the prices of the hotels to whatever currency you have. When you are deciding where to stay your information will go through some filters, so you can find the perfect place according to this. It’s also completely free. From there when you are booking you can add that guess will be joining you, and you can do all this in a very simple way.

Hotel Tonight:

You might not find too many options, since it’s a very new app. But this app was designed for the purpose of finding you the best deals for last minute trips, or simply one night stays in a hotel. This is not available for every place, because up until now it’s only available in the United States, but it seems to be growing every day, so hopefully soon you will be able to download it everywhere.

The app will show you the exact price of the hotel, including taxes so you don’t have to worry about that later. You will be able to see some photos of the hotel, so you know how it looks and everything. It’s free to download on iPhone.