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What are the best iOS apps for college students?

Once you finally leave high school and enter college, you might feel a little overwhelmed or a little out of place. This is a big moment of change in your life and you’ll immediately be in a budget, will have to work odd hours if you want to make some money, and of course will need some time in between all of this to study.

Thankfully there are some apps that can help you with these things and luckily will make your years in college a little less stressing (even if now that task seems a little impossible). In this post I will show you the best iOS apps for college students that can be very useful.

Best iOS apps for college students

best iOS apps for college students

What most of the users ask is what is the best iOS apps for college students, the apps that will help you deal with all this newfound responsibility. They’ll help you get organized, create and manage your budget, study, and anything else you might need during this time.


  • Sleep Cycle: One of the most important things to keep your productivity high is the fact that you are well rested, but being able to be productive is not only about waking up early, or how much time you sleep, a really important part of feeling well rested is where on which sleep phase you wake up. So this is what this app does, it analyzes your sleep patterns and it wakes you up on the lightest phase of your sleep, so like that you feel fresh instead of groggy.
  • My Homework Student Planner: this is one of the best iOS apps for college students, or any other student for that matter. In here you can keep track of your class schedule, and you can even set up to get reminders whenever there are upcoming tests and sync it up to all your platforms.
  • Skype: even if you might not think about this app before as a way to be caught up with everything that it’s happening, you might see it in a different light after this, you can use it to have study sessions with another classmate without even having to leave your room, you can exchange information with other students if you didn’t go to a class and need to study.
  • Todoist: This app helps you create certain to do lists so you are able to keep tracks of important projects, subprojects and other tasks that you have to do. You can use the phone version whenever you are out. But if you want a constant reminder you can also use the desktop version. This way you’ll never forget important projects.

Study apps

  • Dragon Dictation: if you are one of those people who take too much to type, or you simple want to take notes in class but don’t want to miss anything important, you can use this app to pay full attention to your teacher and this will record everything and type it out for you, this way you will have every little detail that you might have missed before.
  • Quizlet: This app is a way for you to study in a more interactive way, it includes millions of flashcards study sets for thousands of different topics that were created by other students, and you can even create your own set of flashcards if you are not able to find the one you were looking for in the first place.
  • Mathway: If you are completely stuck in a math problem you can use this app to finally solve it, like this you can move on with whatever you have to finish next. You can either type out the problem, or take a picture of it and the app will analyze and if it can it will give you the answer.

Budget apps:

  • CampusBooks: we know that books can be really expensive and you will need so many once you start college, this app works as a way to find all the books you want, it will show you a list of the different prices for the same book so you can choose the cheapest, and if you want to see you can see the range of prices where will be able to sell your book.
  • Goodbudget: This app in a way that moves your money into different digital envelopes, dividing it by what you will have to use it. and it will put all the remaining money in another envelope so like that you know exactly how much you can spend or you can save it for an emergency.