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Best notes apps for Mac devices

If you are the kind of person that needs to write everything down, from things like your grocery list, to a simple to do list, you should know which are the best notes apps for mac. You need this app because these apps make it easier for you to have access to these lists faster.

Best notes apps for Mac

best notes apps for Mac

Once you have decided to find these apps you will realize that there are so many to choose from and with so many different features. So what we are going to do is show you some of the best notes apps for Mac. The list starts below:


This is considered the best notes app for Mac. And even those that don’t think this is the best, they can agree on the fact that this is the best known one. It not only lets you create notes, but you can even organize them into different notebooks, that you can share in at least 2 other devices. And the free users have around 60 MB of storage space in the Cloud. And you can also add photos and web links in them to share with other users.

Bear Notes:

This is one of the newest entries into the market, but it has proven to be a great contender and a possible concerning competitor for other apps.

One Note:

The thing that makes this app one of the best notes apps for Mac is the fact that this comes with a Microsoft Office integration, you can even draw in them besides only writing. This app is also used by a lot of teachers because of the fact that you can simply organize the notes by color in notebooks.

Box Notes:

Box Notes is another new entry to the market, it’s very easy and smooth to use. It’ has a beautiful and clean look. And the one thing that sets it apart from every other app that has been previously mentioned is the fact that you can use this platform with other users and share notes in real time.


Quip is another app that is completely free, and has gained a lot of notoriety in past years, it’s a very strong, quick and very reliable app. And it also includes a feature where people can create new folders and comment on them so the other users can communicate and edit these notes in there.

Dropbox Paper:

This is an app that you’ll definitely want to use if you have already used Dropbox before. This app focuses on collaboration, you can use it with your co workers, and in the same platform you can chat with other user while editing different documents that will be uploaded to the cloud. If what you like is something very simple you will find this in this app, the design is clean and smooth and very minimalistic, but even if it looks too simple there are certain features hidden in there.

In here you can create new notes, and then edit them without any kind of trouble, and you can even see all the activity produced by you and the other users in a simply list where it will point out everything that has happened.


This might be the best notes apps for Mac users that love writing their notes by hand, but they still want them in a digital manner, you can even draw in here whenever you are distracted. You can download some PDF files and even take notes inside them, and draw and highlight them wherever you like in them.

It costs around $9.99 dollars so it’s still affordable.