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Best reminder app for iOS easy to download

Sometimes a simple to do list is not enough for some people, since they need constant reminders of that thing, they need to write everything down and then get a notification before you forget about it completely and never do it.

This is where reminder apps are needed for, in this apps you can write down whatever it is you need to do, so like this you cannot forget, most of this app will send you a notification for that, but there are others that you can set up to send you an email, or some that you can just set up for them to show up in the morning of that day, so you know whose birthday it is, or what even you need to go and that’s enough for youBelow we will show you some of the best reminder apps for iOS.

Best reminder app for iOS

If the built-in reminder app is not enough for you, you can simply enter the App Store and look for a new reminder app. Most of the ones that you will find are free or for a very cheap price, so you if you really want to download them you might find they will be worth it. Down here we will show you a small list of some reminder apps and we will tell which one we think is the best one and then explain you how simple it is to download it.

  1. Checkmark 2: This is the one we considered the best reminder app for iOS, what makes it just an amazing app is the location based reminder feature, in this app you can select a location and set it up so that it will sent the reminder based on the date and time that it is. It also has a drag and drop feature so you can prioritize the reminders.
  2. Do Task & To-do List: this is one of the simplest apps. This serves the function of not only a reminder app but also a to do list app. It’s a simple way that you have for managing all of your work projects or the personal things to do in one single platform. It’s available for free.
  3. Clear: What makes this app a little more different than the others, is the fact that can be used in both iPhone and iPad. It has a beautiful design that make it incredibly beautiful on the eye, and it also has a function where it analyzes the reminders on the list and see which one is more important and after it has chosen which one it’s more important you will receive a daily notification and recommend that task so you can do it first and it will do the same every day until the list is complete.
  4. Due: This is another app that can be used in another iOS devices and it’s also considered one of the most useful reminder apps in the App Store. It’s a very simple app. You don’t need to create a new account to be able to use this app, and the task doesn’t have a start and end date that you have to set up.

Since it doesn’t have any of these things, it includes things like reusable countdown, timers, you can use calendars that don’t come in this app, and you can even defer the reminders with one single tap to your phone. It also comes with a feature that you can use to adjust the time zone if you are in another country.

How to download the best reminder app for iOS

best reminder app for ios

Downloading any of the apps that were mentioned before it’s something very simple, all you need to do is enter the App Store that it’s in your iOS device, after that tap on the little search bar that it’s at the top of the screen and search for the name of the app that you have decided to download. Once you’ve find the app you have chosen tap on it and click on the little ‘download’ button.

After you’ve done this, if you have a compatible software with app, all you will have to do then is enter your password from your apple account and just like that, the app it’s being downloaded to your iOS device.