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Do you know the best to do app for iOS

We all at some point have made a to do list in our life, is that little list of things that are very important that you need to remember to do before a certain time. But like we all know after writing them down, if we don’t put them in a very visible place you will likely forget about it. So in a way this defeats the entire purpose of the list.

So this to do list apps will help you to never forget this things. Most of them come already built-in to your iOS device. But a lot of people don’t think that this are just not good enough. So there is a big variety that you can choose from that are some of the best to do list apps for iOS 5, that you can find available on the App Store.

Most of the apps that you will find are completely free, and they include certain amazing features that you will not be able to find in the built-in versions in your device.

Why does everyone need to have one of the best to do list app for iOS?

Everyone should have one of this apps, especially the ones that will be mentioned in the list of the best to do list app for iOS that will be below. These are especially necessary for the iOS device users.

Since they will not only let you create a list of everything important that you need to do, you can also choose to set it up so they will send you notifications and reminders so in case you forget it you will be able to see it. And you can even cross them out like you do in a paper to do list.

Best to do list app for iOS

Do you know the best to do app for iOS

With so many apps you can choose from, it might be a little difficult to choose which one to download, and the only way you can find the best to do list app for iOS is to find the one that has the features that work for you.

Some people like the ones that you only have to write them down and cross them off once you have completed them. Others like the ones that have the features like the constant reminders, the ones that will send you notifications and many other things like that. What makes an app the best to do list app for iOS is what makes it the best in your eyes not for everybody else.


This is one of the best and most known, it’s an universal app, what this means is the fact that can be used on iPad and iPhone, it’s a very simple, very straightforward. Sadly it’s not a free app but it’s very cheap, and if you decide to pay for this app you will not regret it, especially if you are one of those people that just love a simple apps, the ones that just go straight to the point and do what they need to do fast.


You will find this app available on every iOS platform. It has a great language processing feature that will make every new entry on the list be incredibly fast. It also comes with another features like labels and filters, and even one that people seem to love, is a location-based reminders, which will find your location and once you are near a place that matches something about one of the entries on your list, it will sent a reminder so you can do it in that moment.

Microsoft Todo:

This app has less features than others, and the design is not the most original. But people love the fact that comes with Office 365 integrated, and another feature that this app does include is something called My Day, this features will read the list you have and recommend one of the entries there, so you can choose which one you can do first, and it will do that every day until the list is completed.

Omnigroup Omnifocus:

This is considered one of the best to do list app for iOS, it has the most features in this kind of apps, and this allow you make the app look exactly the way you want it to. And it also includes context-based working and weekly reviews.