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How to download the best Gmail app for IOS

In the current article, I am going to describe one of the best Gmail app for IOS and how to download it.

Just so you know, IOS was originally created with the main goal of being available for the IPhone, but then it also added support for other Apple devices such as the IPod Touch, and IPad. Last year, the App Store had more than 2 million IOS applications. It is also important to know that the App Store is Apple´s official app store that was created for Apple devices. This apps tore is very similar to the Google Play Store, which was previously known as the Android Market.

The best Gmail apps for IOS

Microsoft Outlook

The Microsoft Outlook app is considered as one the best email clients for IOS devices. This app provides you with many interesting features. Take into consideration that one of them is focused on inbox. Apart from this, it just presents the most important email messages to you, instead of presenting you an enormous list including all your. The emails you are allowed to see are those from contacts that you frequently interact.

Furthermore, it provides you with a tab labeled as other. In this tab, you can see the less important email messages for you. In addition to this, you are allowed to see your calendars and add Gmail or iCloud accounts. And if this was little, the Microsoft Outlook is compatible with the Apple Watch.

How to download Microsoft Outlook for IOS

best Gmail app for IOS

Firstly, you have to look for the Settings app option on your mobile device and tap the Main, Contacts, Calendars button. Now, tap the Add Accountoption, and then tap the Outlook.comoption. Later, you have to type your username and password and tap the Next button at the right hand corner of your device´s screen. Finally, you are allowed to choose the services you would like to sync with Outlook and then tap the Save button. Now, you are completely ready to use the Microsoft Outlook app for IOS.

If you have missed any web tool, take into consideration that Microsoft Outlook is working to improve the service everyday. In general terms, you will get all your features including the unified inbox, and some others. Apart from this, you are also allowed to set up Outlook.com as an Exchange account.

How to access Outlook.com on your IOS device through the web

First of all, look for Safari on your mobile device. Go to Outlook.comand sign in to your email account. Later, you will choose whether you want Safari to remember your username and password or not. Now, you are ready to use a slimmed down mobile version of Microsoft Outlook on your device.