Home News Created a laser Which Allows the simultaneous emission of light

Created a laser Which Allows the simultaneous emission of light

Laser Which Allows the simultaneous emission of light

A study team with the involvement of the Higher Council of Scientific Research (CSIC) (Spain) has experimentally attained for the first time that a arbitrary fiber laser which enables the simultaneous production of laser radiation at frequencies near each other with different polarization countries, with a few efficiencies comparable to those of a traditional fiber laser.

The results, published in the journal Scientific Reports, represent a significant progress in the understanding and management of the polarization of light within a laser and start a route to the manufacture of fresh sources of polarized light with programs in detectors and telecommunications .

“Polarization (the airplane or blend of airplanes that encircle the electrical field of an electromagnetic wave) is a land of light which has many technological applications, which range from the standard management of translucent items to this projection of movies in 3D, throughout the production of sunglasses, LCD screens or photographic filters, “explains Juan Diego Ania Castañón, CSIC researcher in the Daza de Valdés Optical Institute who has led the study.

“During this work we’ve utilized a result called polarization attraction, allowing a single beam of light to modify the polarization state of a different, to make a fiber optic laser capable of emitting light in precisely the exact same time in various polarization states. . In the process we’ve taken a relevant measure in the control and understanding of these properties of fiber optic lasers. Our results demonstrate that we are able to individually control the polarization state of two light beams which are transmitted in precisely the exact same time and at virtually identical frequencies in other directions inside exactly the exact same laser “, says the researcher.

“In the sphere of optical fiber, polarization controller has many applications,” provides Ania Castañón. “In telecommunications, by way of instance, the polarization condition allows to distinguish 2 signals transmitted by means of a fiber, decreasing the capacity of information transmission. In addition, it can be used to amplify a signal with less energy or lower the noise in the output, which ultimately is reflected in much more information sent per minute. The control of this polarization can also be essential in the development of various Kinds of fiber detectors, from gyroscopes for aerospace usage to spread vibration sensors for the observation of large infrastructures. ” , Concludes the research workers. (Source: CSIC / DICYT).