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New functions of the Google Translator

Google Translator has been a tool used by people around the world to translate some text that is in another language, has more than 90 available languages ​​and not only translates text, but can translate images, voice or even videos in real time. This translator is available in devices with iOS and Android technology, also has an API (Application Programming Interface) that expert developers use to create software, applications and browser extensions.

Over the years Google Translator was updated to offer a better service, the Google translation system is a tool with a great technology that helps many people to know other languages, even if only a translator can be used to learn the pronunciation of words.

Updates and added functions of Google Translator

Google Translator was mainly updated in the versions for iOS and Android mobile devices, last year added a technology that turned the translator into a dictionary, you could not only translate a word or a long text, but could also give you the meaning of that word and how to use it correctly in a sentence, something that without a doubt is a great help for people who want to learn another language.

Another impressive feature that was added was that of being able to translate images in real time using the camera, previously it was not very effective but it has been optimized and it is very close to being an exact translation, but this innovation is something incredible, it can help a lot to tourists who are in another country and want to know what a sign of a street or a corner means, simply take out their phone point to the sign with the camera and they can have a translation in a fast and simple way.

Not yet available in all languages

This may be the only disadvantage that this new technology from Google has, for now it is only available in 35 languages, so future updates will have to wait for its repertoire of languages ​​to be as large as that of the text and voice translator. Google. Being able to translate images in real time was achieved thanks to the fact that Google bought Word Lens, which is a company that had an application that was able to translate real-time image text using a smartphone’s camera.

It is a matter of time before other updates arrive that add more languages ​​and thus give more capacity to this great translator, for people who want to learn a language or people who love traveling to different places in the world this translator will now help them much more, being able to translate images gives this translator much more versatility, without a doubt Google always surprises with each launch or update of any of its applications, it is increasingly surprising what can be achieved using technology, it has become in something of daily use and we can practically not live without it.