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An ‘Program’ to Remember to take Drugs

An ‘Program’ to Remember to take Drugs

Calendula is a helper for the private management of this drug, led to those men and women who suffer from continue their therapy, forget to carry their medication, or possess complicated patterns difficult to recall. In addition, it can be used by those people accountable for household medication.

It’s a mobile program developed by CiTIUS investigators (Spain) which has only received a significant increase after the registering of a new cooperation agreement between this Galician centre and the Xunta de Galicia, steered throughout the Consellería de Sanidade.

The new arrangement will permit the integration of Calendula to the computer systems of Servizo Galego de Saúde (SERGAS), offering the taxpayers of the community a fresh station of access to data associated with their own medication.

Calendula will ease compliance with the prescribed remedies by synchronizing the patient’s drug guidelines as well as the drug collection calendar from the phone, in addition to some other functionalities such as reminders, notices or access to official leaflets, amongst others.

Picture of usage of “Calendula”, the mobile program for the management of private medication. (Photo: Andrés Ruiz / CiTIUS)

The arrangement, with a validity of four decades, contemplates that the CiTIUS will deliver not just the wisdom and worth of its own researchers, but also the technical means required to satisfactorily tackle the programmed jobs.

For its own part, the Sub-Directorate General of Information Systems and Technologies of the Consellería de Sanidade is going to be accountable for the coordination of R & D & I initiatives within the sphere of health IT, in addition to the development and oversight of this technological platform which supports those actions inside the Public Health System of Galicia, in coordination with the units that are competent within the area. (Supply: CiTIUS)