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Razer presents a mobile phone for cutting-edge games

Razer Phone

It boasts the world’s earliest 120 Hz Ultramotion screen, which has the capacity to deliver rapid refresh rates and give the smoothest images available on a mobile smartphone.

“It is common knowledge that I am obsessed with my own smartphones. I play with a bunch of games on these, plus they are my go-to for streaming content,” explained Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan.

“We’ve wanted to create a mobile with gaming-level technology for decades, along with the Razer Phone produces in every way we envisioned,” he explained.

Sharp Screen, Cinematic Audio

Created by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 mobile platform, the Razer Phone comprises 8 GB of RAM. Its thermal layout reduces throttling to make the most of the handset’s energy and functionality. It comes packed with Google’s Android Nougat but will encourage Android Oreo if the new OS comes out in the spring of next year. Additionally, It includes Nova Launcher Prime using Google Assistant integration. It’s selfie-ready, with double back 12-MB cameras.

As players are its target market, the Razer Phone additionally supplies a 5.72-inch, Quad HD IGZO LCD screen, in addition to a front-firing Dolby Atmos technology-powered speaker using double dedicated amplifiers. It’s a THX-certified USB-C adapter using a 24-bit digital sound converter to be used with audiophile-grade headset.

The Razer Phone has enough juice out of the 4,000 mAh battery to continue daily, while still providing crystal clear images and cinematic level sound, the business said. Additionally, it may empower Qualcomm Quick Charge 4+ for quick charging so consumers can get back from the action.

The Razer Phone, that comprises the organization’s iconic triple-headed snake emblem, is currently available for pre-order in a recommended retail price of US$699.99.

Gambling and much more

Razer partnered with numerous gaming businesses, such as Tencent and Square Enix, to create content which will make the most of everything the hardware has to offer you.

One of the announced titles for your Razer Phone are Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition from Square Enix, Gear.Club out of Eden Games, Tekken from Bandai Namco, and Planet of Tanks Blitz out of Wargaming Group Limited.

“Razer is planning to tap into the tendency of more heart game experiences on cellular and has assembled a product that will appeal to a tiny segment of players who enjoy the concept of a phone using a screen with a high-refresh pace, a larger battery, and active cooling which enables it to be used for longer periods of time,” said Piers Harding-Rolls, mind of matches study at IHS Markit.

“But I believe that the audience to get a high-end gaming telephone is market — certainly when compared to other mobiles,” he told TechNewsWorld.

“The Razer Phone is a fantastic effort in optimizing a smartphone for gambling,” said Steve Blum, chief analyst in Tellus Venture Associates.

“It’d have no specific appeal to nongamers, though it would not necessarily turn off them either,” he told TechNewsWorld. “It is first and foremost a phone. Razer took a typical Android cellphone using a conventional high-end chip, and tweaked it with a much better screen and better sound processing.”

Game On?

Given that the size of this marketplace — and of course the fact that the majority of smartphones already hold many popular casual games — it is questionable whether hardcore players will pay a premium for your Razer Phone.

“It is a marketing practice, not a brand new solution,” explained Blum.

“It might have been very interesting if Razer had completed something radical, such as creating a mobile-specific graphics processor, but they are not in that league,” he noticed.

A sensible proxy to your Razer Phone’s revenue potential is gambling pills’ share of overall tablet earnings, a marketplace that Razer itself has dipped in, proposed Harding-Rolls.

“Other players within that industry comprise Nvidia, using its Shield tabletcomputer,” he explained.

Not one of these gaming-specific goods have sold in good quantities, and most eventually have been ceased.

“It will be intriguing to determine if Samsung or even Huawei or some other huge consumer electronics firm wishes to go hard after the gambling industry — they will be seeing Razer attentively,” said Blum.

At the meantime, Razer will have to pull out all stops to become prosperous.

“Razer is entering an extremely competitive marketplace, where heavy pockets are wanted and where gains are often difficult to find,” explained Harding-Rolls. “Overall, I believe Razer is undertaking a substantial business challenge to produce an impact with this gadget.”