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The best Chinese technology companies

We all know that China is a country that knows how to develop its production to the point of having a mass production using cheap labor, which positions it as the second global economy today but experts have done studies in which they have foreseen that for the 2020 China becomes the economic leader in the world market, a very promising sight for China, and is that in recent years the Chinese technology companies, have been covering a lot of ground in the market, that is why today we will see the best companies in this area of ​​China and we will see why the landscape for 2020 is so promising for them.

Best Chinese technology companies

Alibaba Group

Alibaba Group is one of the most recognized Chinese technology companies in the West which was founded in 1999 by the millionaire Jack Ma, known as Alibaba.com, and was a sales portal between businesses that could connect Chinese manufacturers with different buyers of the foreign, and currently Alibaba Group is responsible for 60% of shipments delivered throughout China, as a curious fact Alibaba Group founded a website in 2003 of e-commerce called Taobao and is currently one of the most concurred websites worldwide.


Chinese technology companies

Tencent is the Chinese technology companies that is most valued today, with more than 430 million dollars, in November 2017 Tencent reached 522 million dollars exceeding by 22 million Facebook which was valued at 500 million dollars in At that time, Tencent is an internet service operator, which has multiple business areas, was founded in 1998 by Ma Huateng, its businesses are from the area of ​​telecommunications and advertising to interactive entertainment and instant messaging, as a curious fact, it has more than 400 registered patents already in the world.


Xiaomi is one of the Chinese technology companies manufacturers of different electronic devices, which in 2014 was described with the best rated Start-up on the planet surpassing Uber at the time and is valued at 46 million dollars, in the year 2011 managed to launch its first high-end smartphone model at affordable prices and in 2013 its Xiamoi Mi2S model became the most popular smartphone in all of China, as curious data is expected for the next few months to declare its withdrawal from the stock market in Hong Kong.


SenseTime is one of the Chinese technology companies which is a leader in the field of artificial intelligence, which quickly managed to break through the barrier of one billion dollars, the largest in all of China to be able to raise at any moment 410 million of dollars, its creation was in 2014 and now they have requested more than 500 patents and has been able to create branches from Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Hong Kong, Kyoto and even Tokyo in Japan.