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What are the best music apps for android devices

We all know and love to listen to music, we all do it to be able to relax while performing a stressful task, or to simply pass the time and take your mind to someplace else, doing this has proven that can be helpful for some people to make them more productive, since it can keep their mind preoccupied and even forces them to try and focus more intensely in whatever it is that they are doing.

A question that every Android user (or the user of any other kind of device) has asked themselves at some point is, what is the best music apps for Android? The answer to this question will always depend on what the user likes, the best music app for android will be the one that covers everything that you like, from the variety of artist and different genres you’ll be able to find, to the ability to download the songs you hear instead of just streaming them. But below we will show you a list of both free and paid for apps that you might like.

Best music apps for Android

best music apps for android

Here we will show you some of the apps you will be able to find on Google Play or any other app store that are available for you Android devices, every app that will be shown and described to you are all either completely free or you can access to them, and enjoy every little thing that they provide for their user without getting a subscription to their service:

Free Apps:

  • Deezer: This app has been in the market for a very long time, and a lot of people think of this app as the best music app for Android, you have a big catalogue you can choose from, and it comes with the Deezer’s FLOW feature which you can use to find new artists that maybe you hadn’t heard about before in your daily life. And of course there are more features but you’ll only be able to access them if you subscribe to the app.
  • Google Play Music:This is the app that almost every Android user might know about, this gives you the ability to download every song that you already had in other platforms like the iTunes library and even moving those songs to this platform will not diminish the amount of storage space that you have in this app. Again this is a free service but if you subscribe you’ll get access to some new features.
  • SoundCloud: Some musicians really love this app since they can upload music of their own as a way so it can reach a completely new audience, and this way it can introduce a lot of new up and coming indie artist that they possibly might never heard about.
  • Spotify: this is considered one of the best music apps for android devices, it comes with a great variety of genres you will be able to look, and there are thousands of playlist for any occasion that you can listen to whenever you like.

Best Paid for music apps for Android devices

  • BlackPlayer: This is a very minimalistic app, so if what you want is a very simple app, an app that doesn’t put anything in between you and your ability to listen to your music without any interruption. It costs 2.69$ dollars.
  • jetAudio: This app comes with so many audio enhancement features, but it even with so many of this features it still manages to be very simple to use. And if you choose to subscribe and pay 99$ dollars you can remove every little advertisement you will see in the platform.
  • MediaMonkey: This is one of those apps that a lot of people know about, but other user might not really know about, for some reason the conversation about this platform. Not only can you listen to music, you also will have access to some podcasts, and you’ll be able to synch up your music from other platforms to this platform. This app costs 2.49 dollars.
  • N7Player: This app costs around 99 dollars if you decide to subscribe, if you don’t want you can still use it. In this app will create a collage style playlist that you can scroll through and listen to whatever you choose.