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Do you know what is the best planner app for Mac?

All those who have a tight schedule, either because they are studying or working, or simply have to do a million diligences, need to know what are the best planner app for Mac.

If you are one of those people that need to write down everything you need to do so you don’t forget. Or you need a reminder when the time to do it it’s very close, this are the best apps for you. These apps have one single goal, to increase your productivity by helping you manage your tasks, and appointments in a more organized way. And just seeing how this lists keep getting smaller and smaller just make you feel more relaxed, and if you want to you can even schedule some minutes or even an hour so you can just rest.

What is the best planner app for Mac?

The fact that these apps are so incredibly useful for the Mac users, makes the ability you have to find one of them very simple, but for those who have never worked with one of them it might be a little tricky, since there are so many that you can choose from. But thankfully most of the ones that you’ll be able to find in the App Store are completely free, or they offer you the option to keep using it without paying but you won’t get every single feature available, and for some people that it’s enough.

Since there are so many you can choose from, many people just simply ask what is the best planner app for Mac, but this is not a simple question to answer. Sure, we can list every single feature that the best selling or top rated offers, and technically that would be the best planner app in the App Store, but this doesn’t mean that it’s gonna be the best for you. Only you can do that, after trying them out depending on what they offer you.

best planner app for Mac

So what we are going to do is show you some of the best planner app for Mac, and list every feature and characteristic, from the simplest app, to the one that has more features and you can choose the one you like the most.


This is considered one of the best planner app for Mac. It’s a very simple app, but it does what it needs to do very efficiently. It’s very easy to add the events and tasks to the platform, and it even has an auto-complete feature to make it even quicker. It will send alerts and it also ingrates the use of Google Calendar and others. It costs $2.99 dollars but you can try it out with the 14 day free trial and then you can decide whether you like it enough to purchase it.


This task manager also doubles as a calendar app. All the task you didn’t manage to complete that day will be immediately moved to the next day and it will remind you to finish it when you turn on your phone. You can put certain events in a timeline so you can see how much time you have to finish them. And you can even add certain checklists to scheduled events, like if you’re going to a party and you need to bring certain things, you can just attack a small list with what you need to buy. It costs $9.99 but the web version is free.

Fantastical 2:

What sets this app apart from the others is the fact that you can import the calendars with the events you already had, from Google, Yahoo and any other place, to this platform. One of the downsides is the fact that it’s more expensive than the others. It costs $49.99. You can set it up for certain calendars to show up in different locations, in those that have some in particular, like if you are going to the store, a little grocery list will show up immediately.

It will also show you a weather report, so you know you can finish whatever you need to do outside without any kind of inconvenience.