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The best productivity apps for Mac

Know what the best productivity apps for Mac. An app for productivity is not as simple to categorize as a note taking app or a game app, these usually tend to do very different things than the other apps that fall into this category, but the one characteristic that they all have is the fact that they have the same goal, they give you the ability to do certain things in an easier way, they facilitate things for you, and help you do it better and like the name says to make you more productive.

Why do you these productivity apps in your Mac device?

But there are so many apps that you can choose from, and what we are going to do next is show you some of the best productivity apps for Mac devices, that can make your work experience smoother and more productive, they all accomplished very different tasks but this are some of the best productivity apps that you need to know about, and the list will hopefully make your choice a little easier:

Best productivity apps for Mac

best productivity apps for Mac

  • Slack: This is an amazing app for those who work online. You can use this to communicate with your co workers, and even if you have the Mac desktop version, you can also download it on your phone, so this way you can just access to this platform everywhere you are, as long as you have internet connection. You can organize different categories and put all your contacts from the platform in every different categories and create groups so you can all chat in the same place.
  • Wunderlist: This is one of the best productivity apps for Mac. It lets you keep notes, and no matter where you are the platform will send you reminders for the projects you have written down there. Another thing that makes it an amazing app for your Mac device is the fact that it’s so accessible.
  • TimeCamp: This is an amazing time and task management. But this is not the only thing that this app is capable of doing, it can also let you create the budgets for the same projects you are managing in there.
  • Google Doc: This app lets you store all the important files you have in different folders, categories and in the order you want. You can choose whether or not you want to keep them private, or share them with your coworkers. It’s also a great way for you to save time and thanks to the fact that everything it’s so neatly organized everything will be so easy to find.
  • Zapier: In this app you can manage all of the apps that are currently on your Mac devices, and thanks to this it can make your work faster since you can simply go from one app to the other thanks to this one with one simple clic
  • Insightly: this is an especially great app for business owners since it works as a way to manage the relationship one has with the customers. You can use it to see the costumer daily reports and manage the tasks, and project time. And it’s a great way to continue communication between you and the customer.
  • Evernote: This is amazing as a way to organize every note you have made, and you can save them or share them with whoever you want to. It has a very easy to use and beautiful interface, one that the users wouldn’t have any kind of trouble while using it. It’s a way for you to get every little thought that doesn’t seem to leave your brain and save all of them somewhere where you won’t lose it and this way since your mind is clear, you can concentrate in whatever it is you need to do.