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What are the best apps for iOS 11?

The new iOS 11 was made available to the public this past September 19, and before we even had the chance to see it and try it out, it was being described as a monumental step for both the iPhone and iPad. With all the buzz that was being made around it, the users felt particularly excited to see what was coming in this new update.

It was said that this new operative system will bring with it a complete new design for the App Store that we know so far, but even if these changes might seem a little bit extreme to long time users this also needs to be seen as a good thing, since this also means an upgrade in the way that Siri works, also for the camera. And maybe an upgrade for the apps that are already installed in your phone.

And these changes will bring a new batch of some of the newest best apps for iOS 11, just like with every update in the software you will find new and improved apps that were not available for your phone before.

Features included in iOS 11

best apps for iOS 11

With every software update there comes some improved and other new features, so below we will tell you everything that is included in this software upgrade, and the advantages that this can give you in the way that you use your phone in your day to day.

  • It comes with some changes in the design, simple things like the text being bolder, and the look of the Lock Screen and the Control Center has been completely redesigned.
  • You’ll be able to change the amount of settings you’ll be able to see once you are in it.
  • It also includes 3D integration, and like that you’ll be able to do more things without having to open the Settings app.
  • Siri has been changed, her voice sound a little less roboti cand it will also be able to translate English into other languages.
  • The Lock Screen was merged the notification centre.
  • It includes the Drag and Drop feature on both iPhone and iPad, with this you can just move images or links from one app to the other.
  • The new Finder Files App, this helps you keep track of all the files that are stored in apps or in iCloud. And even on non apple platforms like Google Drive or Dropbox.
  • The notes will be able to search handwriting and scan other documents, like maps and other things like that.
  • Apple Music will include certain features that will let you see which kind of music your friends are currently listening to and it will do the same to your friends by showing them what you are currently listening. And this way you might find certain songs or artist that you have never heard about, and you will maybe consider listening to them and see if you like them. Undoubtedly one of the best apps for ios 11.

Best apps for iOS 11

With the arrival of this software upgrade a lot of the apps that you had might not be available to you anymore, but there also comes the arrival of new apps that you might be able to use in this device and only in this device. The software update seems to concentrate a lot on augmented reality. So we will show you some of the best apps for iOS 11 that include this characteristics:

  • AR Dragon: This is an amazing game for fantasy lovers, in here you’ll be able to hatch your own dragon egg, and every day you will be able to see how it keep getting bigger and bigger. Every dragon has a distinct personality and look so you will be able to see the difference whenever you get a new one.
  • ARise: this game is an amazing way to have a great time, it will transform your house into a completely new world that you can explore. It’s definitely one of the most creative puzzle games out there.
  • AR MeasureKit: This app turns your camera into a measuring scale that you can use to measure and straight line on any surface.
  • Giphy World: This app is a way for you to bring GIFs to life, so you can add the animated GIF into a picture and then send it to all your friends.