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Best apps for the cryptocurrency market

First and foremost, I think it is important to understand what cryptocurrencies are. We can define cryptocurrency as a digital currency that was designed to function as a medium of payment. This medium of exchange normally uses cryptography in order to control and monitor all transactions made by users. Additionally, cryptography was also created with the goal of controlling the creation of units of a specific cryptocurrency in order to avoid any future problems.

On the other side, each cryptocurrency has limited entries in a webpage that can not be altered with the exception of certain special instances. During the nineties, many companies had tried to create a virtual currency. The attempts have aimed to create a total cryptocurrency market cap, but they inevitably failed. However, by 2009, a group of programmers released a world-famous cryptocurrency called Bitcoin. In this occasion, I am going to describe the best apps for the cryptocurrency market.

The best apps for the cryptocurrency market cap

cryptocurrency market cap


The CoinTicker app is one of the most popular apps for the total cryptocurrency market cap because of its incredible simplicity. For many users, it is the ideal application for those who deal with cryptocurrencies in their everyday life. This awesome cryptocurrency app provides users with amazing features such as the ability to check real-time values for a wide range of cryptocurrencies. Even you have the option of changing your cryptocurrency in which prices has to be displayed.

In addition to that, you also have the option of adding your personal portfolio without any inconvenience. For this reason, you will always be allowed to keep track of your transactions and control your finances.


As with the precious cryptocurrency app, it also allows you to keep track if your personal portfolio without any problem. You have the option of selecting which digital currencies you are interested in tracking of. Apart from this, you can also control your transactionsand verify how much total profit. And if that was little, the CoinDex app gives you very useful information about the newest upcoming, investments, and more. It provides you with the best information possible for all traders.


This program is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies apps. It provides you with many interesting features such as the ability to keep track of your own portfolio as well as the CoinDex app. Moreover, you have the option of checking how all your investments are evolving in real-time. There are many other helpful tools like alarms to alert you to changes that will affect price levels and the percentage of your own portfolio, whenever you need. Blockfolio includes a section that let you check the latest news about cryptocurrencies.


This cryptocurrency program is possibly one of the least modern apps for the total cryptocurrency market cap. Despite this, it continues to be a very helpful app due to its incredible simplicity and awesome design. Before downloading this program, take into consideration that it just let you check the current values of some digital currencies and when you select one of them. In addition to this, it also has the ability to display price levels in percentage.

One of the best things of this cryptocurrency app is its clean design, which makes it helpful for many users. If you are interested in in checking on the prices in the fastest way possible, the app is the perfect choice for you.


The BitcoinTicker app is one of the oldest cryptocurrency services for the total cryptocurrency market cap. According to the information given by many sources, it was created in 2012. With this cryptocurrency app, you have the option of displaying the real-time Bitcoin price on a wide range of exchanges. It also provides you with alarms for specific prices.