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Make money by cloud mining

Bitcoin cloud mining and other types of cryptocurrencies require the study of companies that offer this kind of services, good investments and time.

In this section we will add the companies that we are testing and we will carry out a brief analysis of each of them. Soon in the Reviews section we will make a more extensive analysis of the different mining companies.

List of cloud mining companies:


It is one of the most popular pages of mining, with very good reviews in specialized media. Real Bitcoin Mining.

Different mining algorithms: Scrypt, SHA-256 and Ethash.
The minimum investment is: $ 1.50 for the SHA-256 algorithm.
Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash and Zcash can be mined
Automatic payments
Online since 2014
Web platform and technical support in Spanish..
Website: www.hashflare.io


This company offers Bitcoin mining in the cloud, does not charge maintenance fees since it works with photovoltaic energy.

Different types of contract: 1 year, 3 years and 15 years.
Automatic payments
Web platform and technical support in English.
Online since 2014
Website: www.cryptomining.farm

Genesis Mining

This company offers Bitcoin cloud mining, transparency and quality in its service.

Different types of contract: Lifetime and 2 years.
The minimum investment is $ 28.
Automatic payments
Web platform and technical support in Spanish.
Online since 2014
Website: www.genesis-mining.com