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Best apps for windows 10 laptop

Windows 10 is the new and improved operating system created by Microsoft, for the Windows computers. Something that sets it apart from the other upgrades is the fact that it’s still and probably will keep getting some feature updates during the time that this run lasts, but it focuses on updates to things like those concentrated in the security of your device, only in the most important things you might be able to see constant change.

It’s hard to say if this update is the best of all, but what we know for sure it’s that people love the changes, some even saying that it’s the best upgrade since the initial launch of Windows 8.

Features this upgrade offers to your windows laptop

Every Windows user, whether it is in a PC or a Laptop, knows that a new software upgrade also means more features and apps will be made available for you. So below we will show a list of the most important features that were introduced during the launch of this software upgrade, and later in the article we will show you some of the best apps for windows 10.

  • Universal apps: What this means is that you will be able to have every single app in your computer, your phone or your tablet. These are the apps that will be available for every single one of your devices and they will also synch up so you all your information will match in all your devices.
  • Start Menu: Long time users might remember that the start menu was removed when Windows 8 was first introduced, and a lot of the users where not happy about this change, so they fixed this mistake and returned an improved version of the start menu, so you will be able to use it again.
  • Cortana: You might have been already familiar with the virtual assistant Cortana, from your phone, this assistant is now included in a desktop version for your PC and Laptop.
  • Xbox App: With this new integration you will be able to play every one of your favorite Xbox One games on your PC and Laptop or even on your tablet. You’ll even be able to join your friends in some games and see their activity via Xbox Live.

Best apps for Windows 10 Laptop

best apps for windows 10

  • Duolingo: This is one of the best apps for windows 10 and you can use to learn a new language. It’s a Universal app, so you can have in your laptop and your phone too, so you will be able to practice wherever you are. You will have to go through some levels of difficulty, and there are around 16 languages you can choose to learn. It’s also free and very simple to set up after download.
  • FourSquare: This an app you can use to find some new restaurants, and see what others think of it, you might be already familiar with other apps like Yelp for things like this but this is the one that is a Universal Windows app and one of the best apps for windows 10. And if you use it regularly enough, the app will analyze your tastes and will be able to recommend you some places thanks to that. It’s also completely free and that’s always a plus in our eyes.
  • Netflix: This is one that at this point you have heard about it, even if you don’t have an account already. It’s not free, but you can try it out with the 30 day free trial, and see if you are willing to pay for this monthly. And since it’s an universal app, you can use it in your laptop, your PC or and even your phone, no matter what.
  • PicsArt: This is a photo editing app that it’s very simple to use. It comes with a huge variety of filters you can put your photos through. And it also has thousands of effects you can use, or you can even start drawing, and adding text to the pictures. You can also create collages here, with pictures from your collection or even from your social media accountif that’s what you want. It’s free with in-app purchases, this means that the download it’s free but there are some filters, effects or features that you can buy later.