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The best apps for a Windows 8.1 tablet

If you are not familiar with any kind of topic, you do not have to be worried about it. In the current article, I am going to describe some of the best apps for Windows 8.1 tablet and let you know some interesting things about this family of computers and apps that are available for it. There are many awesome apps for Windows 8.1 tablet, so it is not possible for us just mention one of them. After reading this article, the reader have to determinate what the best option of for him/her.

The best apps for Windows 8.1 tablet


If you are interested in being productive, this Windows 8.1 app is the best choice for you. The 2Day app let you create many kinds of lists. For instance, if you are allowed to create  a list for household chores, one for work, one for school, one for kitchen repairs, and so on. In addition to this, it allows you to customize every aspect in your lists; for example, the way your lists are organized, graphics for each category, among others. If you are extremely meticulous, the 2Day app will make your life easier.

In addition to that, your tasks can have different levels of completion. For instance, if you are required to paint your house and this is one of your tasks, after completing two of four rooms, it is possible to say that it is 50% done. And if that was little, you can pin the whole app, a specific list, or even just a single task to the Start Screen on your tablet. Apart from this, it is incredibly easy to use and includes a very friendly interface in order to improve your personal experience.

Additionally, you can sync the 2Day app with several Windows 8 devices and the Windows Phone version of the app. In consequence, you are allowed to see all your lists on any device. So, it does not matter what your device is because you have the ability to check all this information whatever you want. Keep in mind that this app was designed for being available for Windows 8.1 tablet, so you have to be sure that it is available for your device. It this is not the case, you will waste your time.

 HERE Maps

The HERE Maps can be considered as a Nokia´s own amazing map service. It offers you several features such as complete navigation and street view.  In addition to this, it allows to download a map straight to your tablet so that you have the possibility to view it and get all directions you need without requiring internet connection. You are also allowed to get recommendations on different places near you, or where you want to travel. The HERE Maps app includes an intuitive user interface with navigational controls.

This amazing map service also provides you with a snap slider that allows you to control how much on your screen real state shows the map vs. other tools. Moreover, you can look for important information about places to eat and drink, shopping, hotels, among others. If you are interested in viewing real-time traffic information, you are required to have an internet connection. Even if you need an internet connection, this continues to be one of the best apps for Windows 8.1 tablet. Keep in mind this.

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Many users are not very happy with the numerous interface changes released by Microsoft Corporation because they cannot adapt to them in a fast way. For this reason, this is not their favorite app, even if it provides them with awesome features.