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A clinic in the US disconnects mobile phones addicts

A few years ago, with the advance of technology in the creation of mobile phones, we see that adults, children and the elderly are highly influenced and in every activity they do, they are involved in a technological device such as a mobile phone or internet, both when it comes to eating, and when going out for a walk, taking pictures, both of oneself with friends or even of what you are going to eat, making publications, making social relations change very drastically. as he was known before, and to see himself in person for many is unnecessary having a phone in his hands. Even the fact of playing video games on phones or computers 24/7.

What are mobile phones?

This is a device for electronic wireless use which is used to access telephone services, this to achieve access to what are known as text messaging, voice messages, internet, instagram, Facebook, or any other social network, or video game which we see some attraction or taste. This development in technology allowed us to have in our pocket the ability to be able to take on jobs that are usually done at work or at home, at the opportunity to do them in the comfort of where we are, from a walk with the family, until you can do it at some time when there is a lot of traffic.

Disconnect from mobile phones

mobile phones

It has reached a dependence on phones, both for children aged 12 to 18 years or adults, causing problems both in the family and social, at school you begin to see that our children are lowering the grades by the use of Internet at night without being able to rest and study how it really should be done, causing uncontrolled rage when there is not enough signal to continue seeing any publication on Facebook or Twitter, generating an addiction to these electronic devices and the internet.

A clinic called Paradigm was created, which accommodates only 8 young people, paying prices of even 40 IPhone X that have one of the most expensive values ​​of the market at a cost of 1,000,000 dollars, this clinic recreates the space where the person usually sleeps in home having rooms with luxurious lounges and whirlpools that have views of the bay for $ 1,633 a night. The use of mobile phones, computers and tablets is strictly prohibited within this clinic. They can only be accessed in the areas of school reinforcement, although even then they prohibit access to social networks and instant messaging.

The idea of ​​this clinic is to reprogram young people and make them see that they need to rebuild their relationships with technology and not see it as a habit of life but as something temporary, allowing them to get closer to their families and friends in an offline way, No need to have a phone in your hand to do it.