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Virgin plans a futuristic project for India

When we talk about issues that revolutionize transportation, we can not always come up with ideas that really make a big impact, since over the years the most avant-garde ideas have been completed and there seemed to be no more ways to innovate, until Virgin arrived to make a difference , this company that has been renowned in recent years has been the owner of many completely new ideas and which is thinking of India to be the epicenter of its new transport plan, the Hyperloop.

The Hyperloop

Virgin plans to be an industry that revolutionizes in the field of technology and is that it has as plan to develop an efficient and fast means of transport that can mobilize millions of people a year and traveling long distances that in normal time would take hours and reduce it to question of minutes, one of the countries targeted by this project is India, and when the project is completed, it will be possible to get from Pune to Mumbai in 25 minutes instead of the 3 hours that are the real time I would take in other means of transportation.

India and Virgin

During the declarations that were made where the executives of Virgin were in India, the Prime Minister of the country, Narendra Modi and the Minister of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis, were also present, who were delighted with the idea of ​​being able to mobilize more than 150 millions of passengers a year, helping in many ways to India and at the same time the company will continue to be known more around the world, with what seems a simple system, but we speak of a complete method of transportation that would go to large speeds to be able to fulfill its established route always providing the maximum security to its passengers.



As we are saying this company has always been at the forefront of the latest technologies that have to do with the issue of transport, from transport through space, to a new way of moving by land that would leave the fastest trains in the world, as toys, having with them brilliant equipment like Virgin Trains, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Voyages, Virgin Australia and many other companies of the Virgin group, and in the coming years their inventions will not only change the way things are done in the world but the way how people move in it.

It should also be noted that only the company at the moment has an operable Hyperloop system which makes it a company with great strength in terms of ground transportation, since in 25 minutes it will be possible to make a trip that would normally take 3 hours In another type of transport, imagine routes all over the world with the same system, the mobilization between countries could be overwhelmingly fast and efficient allowing you to travel from Spain to Germany in a few hours to be able to enjoy more time in the place of arrival.