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Some of the best apps for selling stuff

In this article we will show you 7 of the best apps for selling stuff. If you are in need of some money, or have certain items you want to get rid of but don’t want to just throw it away, you could keep them and thanks to some of the apps that will be mentioned below you will be able to make some money of them in a very short time. With these apps all you have to do is take a photo of them, set the price and pick the category and create a description of the item. After that whoever wants to buy it will contact you from the app.

Some you can use them to meet up and exchange the money for the item, but others will let you pay through them, so you won’t even have to leave your house, you can just ship the item to the other person.

Take precautions

What you need to remember if you have to meet with another person to get the payment, make sure to choose a place you are comfortable with, there might be no real reason to be afraid but you shouldn’t take too many risks while doing these kind of things online.

Best apps for selling stuff

Below we will show you 7 of the best apps for selling stuff you will be able to find out there. So hopefully this little list will make your choice a little easier.

best apps for selling stuff


  • Letgo: This is one of the best apps for selling stuff and the more well-known app in this category. It’s so popular because it’s incredibly easy to use since you can create a new item sale in less than a minute. It also has a chat feature and through there the buyers can contact you about anything regarding the buy of the item. You can share whatever you are selling on Facebook. The bad thing about this app is the fact that you can’t receive the payments through the app.
  • Poshmark: You can download this app for free, but the app takes a commission for every sell, the amount depends on if they sell was over $15 dollars or under. This one is the best if you want to buy or sell items targeted to women like clothing and accessories. Once you start using the app you will create a virtual ‘closet’ where you can put in display everything that you want sell, with a short description of the items available.
  • Mercari: You can download this on any Android or iOS device for free. This one can be used to sell new, used, and even handmade items, from things like clothes to beauty products. You will have to answer certain things about the item, and you have to share whether or not the buyers need to pay the shipping cost or if they have to do it.
  • OfferUp: After you go through the same steps as the others, create a description, set the price, and upload a photo (you need to post at least 4 in this platform). And it will sent you a notification whenever someone it’s asking about this item, so you can choose where to meet to exchange the item.
  • 5miles: This one gives you the option to pay through the app. In this one you can sell anything, from clothes to pieces even an old bike you are not using anymore. And you can share whatever you are selling through Facebook, Twitter and alsmost every other social media, so it reaches a lot more people.
  • Facebook Marketplace: If you didn’t know this, the app already comes in your Facebook app, so you only need to click on the little shop icon and you’ll be able to access it. You can choose to show the lists of items to create to certain people on your Facebook account. It works like most of the others you just take a picture, pick a category and set a price and wait for someone to contact you.
  • Close5: This app concentrates on selling stuff, only to other users near you. And since this app was also created by eBay, you can choose whether to set a price, or there is the option ‘Best Offer’ so instead of you setting the price, the users have the option to throw you some prices and you can choose from there.