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The Internet of Things World Congress 2019

This year, a new edition of IoT Solutions World Congress (IoTSWC) is held in Barcelona from October 29 to 31st.

The Internet of Things World Congress is here to present all the innovations regarding transport, open industries, energy, manufacturing, healthcare and of course, Artificial Intelligence among other areas.

Most companies using the Internet of things have discovered anoptimistic return on their investment in advanced. This year, Spain, the host of the 2019 Congress, is among the top five European countries that invest most in this field, behind Italy, the United Kingdom, France and Italy and as always, Germany. The forecasts point to an expenditure exceeding 20,000 million euros in 2020, according to the technology multinational CSG International.

What the Internet of Things World Congress is about

IoT Solutions World Congress (IoTSWC) is a world reference event that will bring together lots of exhibitors, including the world’s leading suppliers of IoT as well as artificial intelligence and blockchain solutions. Organized by Fira de Barcelona, in collaboration with the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), a Boston-based organization, the show offers a variety of products, services and tools to propel the digital renovation of areas such as transport, goods manufacturing, health care, energy and supplies, construction, infrastructure, retail or agriculture.

Roger Bou is the director of the IoTSWC and points out that the event arose, five years ago, when he appreciated a market need: “We detected an opportunity because the IoT is not only about things linking eachother, but that they have application in diverse areas.

According to the congress manager, the visiting public is equal: Hal of them have a digital profile, that is, they are consulting specialists, researchers or developers; and 46% are industrial of five branches of business: manufacturing, energy, construction, health and transport-mobility. “We seek to attract the professional with strategic decision-making ability,” admits Bou.

This year, IoTSWC expects to grow 15% in number of exhibitors compared to 2018. The countries that contribute the most are Spain, the United States, China, France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

The show has a commercial area presented as a test bench, where live demonstrations of a dozen industrial internet applications will be carried out that stand out for their innovation and efficiency in process improvement.

The innovations to be presented at the Internet of Things World Congress 2019

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This year you can see an application that measures the behavior of drivers behind the wheel to update the cost of insurance. Drones, sensors and blockchain that monitor the water quality of the Volga River. An autonomous electric car equipped with a cybersecurity system that blocks attacks that jeopardize the reliability or privacy of the vehicle. A solution to check gas distribution networks, reducing energy losses and avoiding fraud. As well as a platform that combines IoT, artificial intelligence and 5G to provide predictive medical care and attend emergencies of the elderly or chronically ill.

Also, a system to inspect and repair wind farm wind turbines by drones, artificial intelligence and cloud will be presented. A system of assembly assistance, which precisely guides the employees of a factory in the different steps of the work to be performed. An application for farmers to know the status of their exploitation in real time and facilitate decision making. And software based on artificial intelligence for submersible pumps used in oil wells.

Bou has assured that this year’s edition of the event will be very focused on offering “the tools and knowledge necessary to help them in this purpose.”

Of course, a World Congress of this magnitude, needs Speakers involved in the field. This year, the Speakers list of the Internet of Things World Congress 2019 will have the experience of Albert Amargos, a Telecommunications engineer, Project Manager Professional and Agile Coach who will share their ideas regarding Telecommunications. Arila Barnes, AXM Software LLC is a startup company providing “Architecture as A Service” and incubating software products in the IoT space, a very important field considering that all industries require software to work efficiently. These are only out of the more than speaker that will expose thir ideas in the Congress.

In its 2018 edition, IoTSWC brought together 341 exhibitors and 16,250 visitors from 120 countries. EFE. This year will not be the exception, although there are not official numbers yet, this 2019 edition will be one of the most innovating The Internet of Things World Congress.