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Best finance apps for Mac

Anyone who wants to focus on the financial management of your home, or your business, or anything else like that, you won’t have to juggle with a bunch of papers and calculators to be able to do it. You can do this in an easier way by simply downloading one the best finance apps for Mac.

Thanks to these apps all you have to do is enter your details and they will do all the work for you, and give you the results quickly.

How to get the best finance apps for Mac

But the fact that these are so incredibly sought out for, also makes them be a little bit harder to get, not because they are not on the App Store but because most of the ones you will find are not free, and usually have a high price.

After deciding if you will pay for this app, you will realize that there is also a big number of these and this might make it a little bit more difficult for you. The only way to find the best finance app for Mac, is to find the one that works for you, whether that is because of the price or the amount of features that it has. At the end you are the only one that can decide which one is the best, the only thing that we can do is show you a little list of the ones that are considered the best finance apps for Mac and then you can choose from there.

List of the best finance apps for Mac

  • iBank 5: What makes this one of the best finance app for Mac, is the fact that it’s so incredibly easy to use. In this you can download transactions from your bank and credit card account. It also come with a budgeting option, where you can put some amount of money in different envelopes for different purposes. You can download this for $59.99.
  • MoneyWell: This particular app costs around $49.99 but it has a free trial, you can use to try it out. All your money it’s separated in certain ‘buckets’ and they are categorized in what you are paying at the moment its happening. And if the bucket ends up tipping this means that you ended up spending more money than you were supposed to.
  • SplashMoney: This one might be considered one if not the best finance app for Mac since it’s also one of the less expensive ones.It costs $19.95. It does some of the same things than the more expensive counterparts like budget creation, and you are able to track transactions. There are both desktop and mobile versions of this app. And it also lets you connect the app to major banks to upload new transactions and gives you access to your information automatically.
  • Fortora Fresh: This is one of the newest finance apps available. It does so much more than only keep your bank account information. It also stock quotes for your investments. You can also download it on your phone and Mac computer. It can also be used by multiple user or over a network. It costs around $49.99
  • Moneydance: This app it’s one of the best finance app for Mac because it comes with most of the same features that the others have and more, but it still manages to be incredibly easy to use. The interface it’s very easy to use, it looks great and it’s very uncomplicated and simple for beginners to understand it and manage it and work in it without any kind of problem.