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Best mail apps for windows phone

If you are a working person, and email app is one of the most important things you should have on your phone, since you can use it for simple things like keeping track of your family if you live far away from them, catch up with friends you haven’t been able to meet with in a very long time. But who need this one the most is those people that need to have their email accounts close in case an important business email come.

So this list that we will show you, we will name some of the apps that are considered the best mail apps for windows phone. From the most simple but effective apps, to the ones that comes with a million extra features. And most of these apps will be completely free, or you will be able to use a version where you don’t have to pay for an upgrade but doesn’t have all the same features but still works well.

4 best mail apps for windows phone:

  • Mailbird: This is one of the best apps for those that don’t need too much special features in this kind of apps. The biggest thing that this will let you do without paying is change the color, the icons, and even the format of the text, so you can make it as aesthetically pleasing as you want it. There is a free version but a pro version will only cost you around $1 dollar a month, so if you really want this app, it’s not that expensive.
  • Inky: This app has a very beautiful, clean and simply smooth interface, it’s very easy to use. The feature that makes this platform different from the others is the fact, that it focuses on the security of your emailsby encrypting all your information, and when it does this it doesn’t make it more difficult for you to use it, and doesn’t take too much space. This platform is not free, but it costs around $5 dollars a month.But you can try it out with the 14 day free trial, to see what you think of it.
  • Claws Mail: This is one of the oldest, and more well-known platforms. But it might not be for everybody, since it’s usually geared towards those users that are more tech savvy and that they like to set up everything in this platforms. You can add a limited amount of accounts in here. It’s completely free, if you’re willing to take a chance with it and learn how to use it, and it also makes it better for you if you don’t want to spend too much space in your PC since it’s very lightweight.
  • Outlook: This is one that definitely had to be on the list, it’s one of the more well-known apps since it tends to be the default option for Windows users, and one of the best mail apps for windows. You can get it for free even though you can upgrade to another version, you can use the Office package platforms even if you don’t have them in your computer, or you can view them from your phone. And another thing that people love, is the fact that, like with Mailbirdyou can just customize every little detail about how it looks.

How to download an APK version of this apps

best mail apps for windows

If you want to download one of this apps, you might be able to find most of them in the Windows Store, but if you are not able to find them you can just download an APK file of this version.

Doing this is very simple, all you have to do is find a download page that you know that it’s safe, or at least know that someone else has used so you won’t be in too much possible risk for viruses. And type the name of the app that you wish to download. And once the result is found you simply click on the little button that says ‘download’, and just like that it will be on your phone.

What you need to remember is that this should be the last option, because even when you found the best download page, there is always a possibility that you end up downloading a file that has a virus, and put your phone in unnecessary risk.