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Roadster of Musk of space travel with a doll

The space was the meeting place for many people who were watching from the screens of their devices all over the world, they were admiring a technological show presented by Elon Musk, who had done the amazing task of sending the space in a shuttle designed also by the same Tesla Roadster, an event that left all these people impressed while watching such an act, which could see how the vehicle traveled throughout his career in space travel led by his Starman while the music of David Bowie it sounded in the background.

The idea of ​​Musk

The idea of ​​the Musk Roadster took more than 4 hours of transmission in which the fans and those who simply were curious and saw everything, managed to capture scenes in which a vehicle was orbiting off the ground, the launch of the shuttle took place in Cape Canaveral, Florida and named after Falcon Heavy, it should be noted that this ferry was the most powerful rocket launched since the launch of the Apollo rocket by NASA itself, a truly admirable technological advance.

The main idea of ​​all this was that the Tesla Roadster de Musk along with its Starman doll crossed all the orbit of Mars, but the result was something that not even Musk could be expected since when the third explosion was made to be able to propel the modules, The force with which it exploded was so great that it resulted in both the Roadster and its immobile driver having as their destination a new and unexpected space voyage, which took them between the belt that unites Mars and Jupiter.

The ferry Falcon Heavy

space travel

Now let’s talk a little about the ferry that made all this possible space travel, we know that it is called Falcon Heavy, it was designed by the company SpaceX which has as a clear goal to conquer Mars in the very near future, the takeoff took place in the Kennedy Center of NASA at Cape Canaveral, located in Florida, which would make its first test trip through space taking a vehicle with it in what is estimated to be a route with more than 400 million kilometers, with this trip They do all the necessary tests to see everything that the Falcon Heavy can achieve.

With 70 meters high and with a capacity to carry more than 64 tons of transport on board, this shuttle can be used to load heavy machinery through space, so Elon Musk together with SpaceX had decided to leave in orbit close to Mars a red Tesla Roadster, which would be piloted by a Starman, although as we know the results were others and said vehicle was between Mars and Jupiter, but with all the technological progress we can give evidence that the main task of SpaceX was a success and achieved the goal that they had proposed, perhaps with extra information to know the true reach of their proponents.