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What’s happening with Huawei phones

In recent days Huawei has had some strange movements which have made US authorities take certain measures, since problems are arising with this Chinese smartphone company, since the security organs are against the products they produce and that they are commercialized in their lands, but as this technology news seems somewhat confusing here we will take a little time to give an informative summary of what is really happening in the world against this company and its phones.

The real reason

To be able to talk in depth about what is happening with Huawei, the best thing would be to give a brief summary so that the subject does not become so confusing, and that the real reason can be summarized in a publication that was made by the FBI’s principal director. , Chris Wray, who has declared in the Senate intelligence committee, that they are completely concerned about the risks that can be caused by whatever company or entity is going through a debt with foreign governments which do not share the same values ​​that they are gaining positions of power in their telecommunications networks.

This news may also lead us to believe that those responsible for the main agencies belonging to the United States, have been able to express all their doubts on the issue of whether public employees should be able to use terminals of companies such as Huawei or even ZTE, to which both companies are Chinese production and the main producers of smartphone, are very attached to the Chinese government where there is evidence in the case of ZTE, which broke the trade embargo that had with North Korea and for which it was sanctioned.

The panorama for Huawei


Thanks to these latest news that make a scandal Huawei, now some telecommunication companies such as AT & T, have canceled their agreements with the Chinese company from one moment to another, stopping the distribution of some of the products of this company, all the sources point out that this decision on the part of AT & T was really thanks to the pressure that the United States government put on them, such is the point at which the situation is that the administration of the current president of the United States Donald Trump, were facing the contemplation of nationalizing the 5G network of the United States and thus be able to prevent foreign companies could access in the future to the data that is circulating through it.

Although above all this Huawei has been denying any accusation that falls on their shoulders in recent days with regard to the security of their smartphone devices, but the outlook for them does not seem very favorable since for the moment you do not see a short exit term in which everything can return to normal, nothing remains to wait and see what time says.