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Adasky and his new thermal camera

The more the history of humanity advances, the more its technology does, and that whenever we encounter an obstacle, a group of people will emerge anywhere in the world in order to find the best possible solution and, based on this idea, the rest will begin to develop improvements based on the foundations that this group believe, and is that now an Israeli company called Adasky sought to be able to cope with harsh weather conditions which are constantly damaging expensive equipment such as sensors and cameras in autonomous vehicles.

The solution to which Adasky arrived

So now that we know that the main problem was the extreme weather conditions that constantly damaged the sensors and the cameras that the autonomous vehicles carried, how could the company Adasky find the solution to the problem, since his idea was to develop a camera that could detect through an infrared system which will be the object whether we speak of a living being or an inert object its thermal radiation so that the vehicle can identify any object that is in direct path towards it, in this way it can be easily faced to these meteorological conditions when creating a camera that not only supports the conditions but also can perform important functions for driving vehicles.

Viper, the thermal camera

The name that receives the thermal camera made by Adasky is Viper, which was announced at the international automotive fair in Frankfurt, it has a system of fully computerized vision algorithms which can detect any object they have in their field of vision. Through its thermal spectrum that they irradiate, this camera had as a basic concept the development for the IDF and with a clear objective in helping autonomous driving, having a field of vision of up to 200 meters, which no other system in the current market owns.

Being able to detect the heat spectrum or the thermal energy that each object can radiate is able to easily identify if this object is a living being or not, the automotive company managed to understand that the current technology was not enough and managed to be a visionary in the invention of said camera, as Eyal Madar said the head of Adasky’s technology department who said that thanks to the fact that in these 4 or 5 years that have passed the technology has become more accessible and economical, which allows them to be created mechanisms like this.

It is expected that in one more year Madar and all his development team will already have a prototype of the viper to later make Adasky start mass production in the next 3 years at the latest, and it is not surprising that many others Companies are evaluating the possibilities of viper so that they do not stay out of what is to come.