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New electric wheelchairs

The wheelchairs at the time were a wonderful idea that could not only help people who had motor problems but also people of very old age because their legs could no longer give what they previously gave, and with the same passage of time the idea of ​​wheelchairs was renewed, resulting in electric wheelchairs that we all know, but the story does not stop here and that is again human genius gives that talk because now The Center of Discovery brings us a new advancement of technology focused especially for traditional wheelchairs.

The electric wheelchairs

Many people who have ever seen a disabled person sitting in a wheelchair know that it is not an easy task, although there are those who can give themselves the task of self-moving, there will be those who will need the help of someone else to be able to move around, that over time the first electric wheelchairs were designed which do not need any real effort on the part of the person to move it and it is equipped with everything necessary for it to move, just enough with some type of device to control the acceleration , the address, among other aspects.

But it is also known that this advancement in technology is not always easy to take everywhere because of its complexity, we will not always find deployable models, as would be the case with common wheelchairs, in addition to replacing the source with time. of energy in order to continue enjoying the service, but at this point The center of Discovery found the answer to all these problems.

The new IndieGo

electric wheelchairs

Given the problems of carrying or purchasing electric wheelchairs, The Center of Discovery found the answer to all these problems, because let’s say now that we only have a common wheelchair which needs someone to push us or use both hands to mobilize, because they thought of another alternative that is now called IndieGo, it is a kind of machinery that can turn our conventional wheelchair into an electric chair, weighs only 20 kilos and is completely foldable so we can install it and remove it as many times as we want without any problem.

It will consist of a team that will go in the back and that will rotate itself the wheels of our wheelchair, with only an adapter control that can be placed within reach, said equipment called IndieGo, is still in development but it is planned to start commercializing by the beginning of 2019, an idea that can not only help many people but also when these people need to be transported in vehicles, the journey is easier because they do not have a wheelchair that can not be saved easily.