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The success of Fintech

The current world revolves around a digital world, so it is normal to think that banking and everything that has to do with the world of finance must move to this new world in the same way, this is where a new term that in the last time they echo is that of fintech, which seeks to cover all this financial sector and be able to put it on the agenda in a new way, but for this to be understood, it is necessary to be able to fully understand the meaning of this word

What does the term Fintech

It comes to be a term that is used more and more every day, but like every new term, not many people know what it means and equally use it, this word is the combination of two other words which are finance and technology, then when we refer to the fintech we are referring to all those companies that provide a financial service but which in turn are based on technologies and are also always outside the banking system.

Which platforms belong to this merger

Keep in mind that not all platforms are part of this term, as for example if we had a banking application on our smartphone, this is not part, then to better understand which are and which are not, we will go to the following concepts that must be managed in order to identify them.

In payments and transactions, we can also find that everything that has to do with personal finances are part of fintech, consultancies and marketing for investments and we even have any alternative financing for any company or individuals.

Other reasons to accept them


The fintechs allow a change in the mentality of the consumers, where the demand for agile products is more and more noticeable, that are transparent and that in turn can also use them without the need to move, which makes the image of the banking to which we are accustomed will weaken more and more and therefore the boom in the use of the internet will increase which in turn will make this type of platforms more nourished and continue to expand as it has been doing in recent years within the technology.

Also when we talk about the fintech we are referring to a platform that provides agility, it also offers us speed and above all is easy to use what to put all this together we can understand why it is so strong and solid, plus that if we add to this the fact that all its platforms are customer-oriented and in that way to be able to continuously improve how to provide all the necessary comforts to its customers at the time of making their different purchases, in short the world of finance had to adapt to the new era of technology and the results were completely promising in all aspects where both they and the customers win.